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According to recent surveys, the majority of IT projects fail to meet target deadlines, stay on budget, or deliver the expected functionality. Why be a statistic when the simplicity and elegance of SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can help you meet your project deadlines, stay on budget, and quickly achieve your business goals?

These rapid-deployment solutions combine SAP software with implementation services provided by SAP Consulting or our Partners. They incorporate support for best practices, preconfigured content, and end-user educational materials in an innovative delivery model to speed the time to value for your investment – they are the simplest way to implement enterprise software:

Most projects can be completed within 12 weeks – a single business quarter! Many take even less time.

So by using rapid-deployment solutions, do we limit ourselves to immediately address complex, unique, and differentiating requirements? Maybe in the first step we do. However, that can be a good thing! Implementing enterprise software can present challenges due to scope creep, loose project management, unpredictability of costs and timelines, and internal demands for customization. The fixed scope, fixed cost, and support for best practices offered with each solution help keep your project on track. The preconfigured content and templates help you get exactly the functionality you expect, with minimal need for customization. And enablement and tailored training guides help ensure that post implementation solution productivity is covered.

However for the long term, we actually optimize our ability to meet complex requirements. Once we “Start” with rapid-deployment solutions, we can formulate a well-informed and optimized strategy to attack our plans using a phased approach, showing business value at each step of the way. The start you get with rapid-deployment solutions will help you throughout your project lifecycle:

Take a look at how to Start, Growth, Extend, & Innovate with SAP CRM rapid-deployment solutions:

Keeping it SIMPLE. That’s the magic of SAP Rapid Deployment solutions. Even for projects that tend towards complexity over time.

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