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What is definition of remediation?

'Remediation is the act or process of improving a situation or of correcting a problem'.

Remediation and Re-compliant in Afaria -

As described in definition, Afaria gives device a chance to take corrective action. Remediation is one of the important and powerful features of Afaria. It gives considerable control over devices.

To protect organization’s security, organization can set rules in Afaria. These rules are remediation policies. Along with these policies, actions to perform on devices can be set. Remediation can be set for IOS, Android and Windows phone 8 devices. For every device type there are different remediation policies. One can select single remediation policy or multiple policies for a device type. Similarly one can select single remediation action or multiple actions.

If a device does not follow the remediation policy (rule) or breaks policy, Afaria informs device about the action taken along with reason or directly takes action depending on action selected for a device type. Devices which do not follow the remediation policy are non-compliant devices whereas devices which satisfy remediation policy criteria are compliant devices.

As long as device is not satisfying remediation policy device it remains non-compliant. When device takes corrective action and satisfies policy device becomes compliant and Afaria informs device about device re-compliance via email or push messages. You can set re-compliant message in Afaria.  Re-compliant message feature is not available for windows phone 8 devices.

For example, suppose as an organization's policy social networking application on device is not allowed. Organization wants to block such devices from accessing corporate resources. In Afaria you can create groups with various attributes to build collection of devices. For example you can create a group with criteria Facebook installed. All the enrolled devices having Facebook will fall under this group. Put this group into Block group list. All the devices having Facebook will be remediated. When device will take corrective action by uninstalling Facebook device will be compliant. This is example of group based remediation and same way you can set other remediation policies. You can set those policies and secure organization’s resources.

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