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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Welcome to my last product update of the year. This blog post will provide you with the product news and highlights for SAP Build Work Zone in Q4 2023. If you are still interested: I also included an SAP TechEd recap.

You might know what SAP Build Work Zone is? If not, here is a short introduction: SAP Build Work Zone empowers IT professionals and line of business experts to easily build and design engaging business sites for employees, partners and customers with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. It connects to all systems (SAP and non-SAP) by creating a single access point to applications, processes, information and data on any device, from desktop or mobile, and it maximize team productivity by enabling guided experiences and knowledge sharing.
SAP Build Work Zone is coming with two editions: SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition and SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition. The latest addition to the SAP Build Work Zone family is SAP Start, which became generally available in July 2023. If you have more questions on SAP Build Work Zone, visit our FAQ page on SAP Community.

Features and Enhancements for SAP Build Work Zone in Q4

This section describes some of the product highlights in Q4, 2023.

Admin Experience

New Site Experience for SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition: content managers can enable end users to view their sites in selected language, and they can support the translation of spaces and pages:

Please note, that this feature was postponed to Q1, 2024.

Advanced edition: Import and Export of Site Menu
Site administrators can transport a site menu including workpages, that are referenced from the site menu from one environment to another using the import and export feature. This feature is already available in the preview systems. More information on SAP Help Portal: Transporting the Site Menu.



Business User Experience

Advanced edition:
Guided Experiences with wizard layout: by providing a flexible framework for defining process steps and by enabling content managers to create and configure UI card-based, interactive experiences, business users can be guided through a wizard-like predefined process:

Please note that this innovation is available as preview release in Q4, 2023. It is planned to be fully available in January, 2024.

Read-Only Access and Visibility of Workspaces: A non-member visibility is now available for workspaces to give non-members access to the workspace content. Workspace admins have the choice: (1) to give non-members the same collaboration settings as members or (2) to use a new read-only mode for non-members. This will hide the different membership & collaboration related features for the non-members across the workspace and its content. This is only available for public workspace as a first step.

Please note that this innovation is available as preview release in Q4, 2023. It is planned to be fully available in January, 2024.

Support of Privat Folders in Workspaces: In the content section of workspaces private folders can be created by workspace members, they can be access-restricted to different users and/or user lists.

More information on new features and functions:

SAP Start Updates

The scope of SAP Start is constantly increasing. It already includes the To Dos from all major SAP cloud business solutions. The business content in terms of Interest Cards is available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and SAP SuccessFactors. Over the next releases, all remaining major SAP cloud business solutions will add relevant content for SAP Start. Check out the SAP Start roadmap for more information.

Joule (SAP’s new generative AI assistant) is integrated into SAP Start (available as a beta version), and it can be used as an AI assistant:

You would like to know more about SAP Start? Then read the blog post "Seven Things you need to know about SAP Start".

SAP TechEd Recap

We are looking back to an exciting SAP TechEd event containing an in-person event in Bangalore along with a companion virtual event. In Bangalore we had a great selection of sessions showcasing the power of SAP Build Work Zone and SAP Start, roadmap, demo and hands-on sessions.
For the people who could not make it to the event in Bangalore, I can recommend watching the replay of SAP TechEd virtual session “What’s New with SAP Build Work Zone – Innovation Meets Productivity – AD102v" on YouTube:

I also recommend to read the blog post "Product Highlights for SAP Build Work Zone at SAP TechEd 2023 – Get to Know Our Modular Offering f...which gives you an overview on the product news, that were presented about SAP Build Work Zone at SAP TechEd.

For developers, perhaps the most exciting news was SAP Build Code, a new solution for professional developers. SAP Build Code, which runs on BTP, includes SAP Business Application Studio, SAPUI5, SAP Fiori elements, and SAP Fiori tools. It also introduces AI capabilities through Joule, SAP’s new generative AI assistant. See also the SAP TechEd News Guide.

What is coming next for SAP Build Work Zone? A Glimpse into 2024

Take a glimpse into Key Investments areas in 2024 (note this can be subject to change without any further notice):

Site Experience with pages and spaces in the standard edition:

  • Harmonized support for content packages as content channel incl. UI Integration cards

  • Streamlined experience for locally created space and pages in the content manager

Support of SAP’s Central Entry Point Vision: Aligned native mobile entry point across all editions using SAP Mobile Start

Integration of AI Capabilities: Integration of Joule into SAP Build Work Zone, standard and advanced edition.

LoB Integration and Content Packages: additional content packages across LoBs and industries are planned to be made available.

Learn more

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