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After Googling for about 10 minutes I have to say I have no idea what a group of clouds are called. I found that they have lovely names starting with strato- , nimbo- , alto- ,cirro- as they go higher up the various spheres: troposphere, stratosphere mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere, which takes us to outer space. Even just naming them feels uplifting.

But a cloud closest to the ground is called ... fog. Does not have a ring to it at all! Fog.

And that is what it felt I was in when I started building my own personal Cloud Agenda for SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid.  1,514 sessions! Only 3 days! I would need a couple of parallel universes to attend all! PANIC NOW!

Then I remembered my Googling skills (as they are).

  • I put in the keyword 'cloud' and 279 cloud sessions were returned. More manageable, but still a lot.
  • Lets look at a personal interest: 26 social media sessions. Better. 
  • I looked at the Cloud Campus (just click on any of the highlighted keywords to narrow the search) and found 126 Cloud Campus sessions.

Then my eye caught the “Sample Agenda” tab . A focused set of Cloud sessions are suggested here, helping you to kick-start your agenda building process.


Remember to Register and start scheduling your favourite Cloud sessions with the Agenda Builder for a personalized SAPPHIRE NOW experience.

Back to my Agenda now … only 4 weeks left to tweak and tune, althought the fog has started to lift and I can see Clearly Now ...  all those lovely Cloud sessions up there!


(even Classics can be reinterpreted, remixed > come and meet the new SAP Financials OnDemand at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid!)


See the update of this blog "What do you call a group of Clouds? (Revisited)"for SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando 2013

Check out the SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 Agenda Builder.