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What do SAP IoT and Neo-Impressionism have in Common?

Pointillism is a Neo-Impressionism term that describes a fine art painting technique in which the artist applies hundreds of small dots of unmixed color directly onto a picture. Those individual dots alone have a very limited effect. Viewed, however, at the right distance, one gets an entirely new perspective. Those individual dots create a collaborative relationship that results in a new ‘big picture’ with a richer and more detailed effect than can be achieved by conventional techniques. The same is true for SAP IoT.

Both SAP IoT and Pointillism have the power to change the way we see and understand the dots, or in the case of SAP IoT, the way understand the 'things.'

In both cases, one must step back and look at the big picture to get a full understanding of how the ‘things’ rely on each other to create the unified and elegant ‘big picture.’

SAP IoT at SAPPHIRE NOW has designed 20+ IoT customer speaking sessions and 130+ IoT content session that connects the dots, the ‘things’, to create a revolutionary big picture that will take customers from information to execution to transformation to outcomes not ‘seen’ before.

The IoT Revolution • How SAP IoT is Transforming ‘Things‘ into Business Outcomes

Hear how to put IoT to work for your company and redefine your business processes. Explore how ‘things’ can be connected with core processes and be transformed into digital assets and intelligent machines, delivering unprecedented insight and predictive insights.

Session: Create New Opportunities During Your Digital Transformation

Speaker: Dr. Ralf Michael Wagner, VP Plant Data Services, Siemens AG

Speaker: Alan Cseresznyak, CIO, Toyota Material Handling North America

Speaker: Tanja Rueckert, EVP, LoB Digital Assets and IoT, SAP

Main Theatre • Wednesday 5:00-5:20

The Internet of Things is a rapidly developing area that comprises many aspects… We, as SAP, can provide technology and intelligent software but we cannot do it alone. We need the domain expertise of our customers.” - Tanja Rueckert, EVP, LoB Digital Assets and IoT, SAP

Let SAP IoT help you find the Answers in the Details

Look to SAP IoT to transform your current operations. Let SAP IoT connect your business processes in the digital core with consumers, business networks as well as products and assets. Learn how to identifying new revenue streams and sharpen a competitive edge with SAP IoT.

Session: Innovate Your Business for a Competitive Advantage

Speaker: Jana Kanyadan, SVP & CIO, Mohawk Industries Inc.

Main Theatre • Tuesday 12:30-12:50

Learn how Every Industry will Benefit from SAP IoT

Redefine what’s possible with SAP IoT. Together we can reshape your business, from retail to supply chain to manufacturing. Discover how SAP IoT solutions help companies make and reinvent their business models, products, and services while making better-informed decisions.

Session: Reimagine the Future of Your Business

Speaker: Matthias Beier, VP Information Technology, EDF Renewable Energy

Main Theatre • Wednesday 2:00-2:20

Start now by exploring the full IoT agenda and then plan your SAPPHIRE experience by building a custom agenda and reserving a meeting space.