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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP GUI identifies each element that appears on a window with an ID (technically an object id) that looks like:


ID of an SAP GUI element

From the documentation:
An object id is a unique textual identifier for the object. It is built in a URLlike formatting, starting at the GuiApplication object and drilling down to the respective object.

Read more about this in GuiComponent Object | SAP Help Portal

You can use this ID to automate processes in SAP GUI using its built in script tool, or with SAP Build Process Automation.

Let’s see in details what this URL-like means.

SAP GUI ID dissection

🔍 You can click on the images to make them bigger.

Application /app

Application where all SAP GUI activity takes place, e.g.: SAP Logon.

Connection /con[0]

Connection level. You will see /con[1] when you connect to more than one SAP system:

When connecting to more than one system, the connection index increases

Session /ses[0]

Session level: the index will increase when you open additional transactions:

When opening more than one transaction, the session index increases

Window /wnd[0]

Window level, the visible window. you will see /wnd[1] when you are working with popups and value helps within a transaction:

Popups are additional windows

User area /usr

User area, where most of the elements are (highlighted in red below)

The user space contains the main elements


Element (e.g.: /ctxtCHARG-LOW )

It refers to the particular element and has two parts: - ctxt is the element type (GuiCTextField, text field with combo box, in this case). There are - CHARG-LOW is the element name

Details of an element of the screen

Property Viewer

In the previous examples, I’ve used the NwbcPropertyCollector tool to see the properties of a field in SAP GUI. This application can be launched from C:\Program Files\SAP\NWBC800\NwbcPropertyCollector.exe (you may have a different NetWeaver business client version).

Property Collector tool

More info on the tool: Identifying UI Elements with SAP GUI Property Collector | SAP Help Portal
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