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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
When using the RAP Generator in an on premise system you might face the issue that the SAPUI5 version installed in your on premise system is not new enough.

If the version of the SAPUI5 libraries installed is too old you will get no dialogue asking you for the name of the root entity and for the name of the package when pressing the New Project button in the RAP Generator.

The real solution would be in this case to update the SAPUI5 libraries in your system.

As a workaround that might apply to a test- or sandbox system I used the following hack to force the Fioir Elements preview to use the latest version of the SAPUI5 libraries.

This in turn would mean that tests of your apps would not be valid anymore because the preview would use the latest version rather than the one you have deployed locally.

So this procedure must be handled with care ;-).

When using a SAP ABAP BTP Environement system (aka Steampunk) the classes that are called when using the Fiori Elements preview will always use the latest version.

Since I am testing my RAP Generator in various test systems where the latest SAPUI5 version was not deployed I was looking for a quick (and dirty) workaround.

The workaround is using an implicit enhancement in the method get_sapui5core_resources_url( ) in the class cl_adt_odatav2_feap.

Please note:

This workaround is only required if (for whatever reason) it is not possible to install the latest SAPUI5 libraries locally on your ABAP on premise system.

  • Start transaction SE24 and open the class CL_ADT_ODATAV2_FEAP and double-click on the method get_sapui5core_resources_url.

  • In the menue click on Edit > Enhancement operations > Show implicit enhancement options


  • In the menue choose Method > Enhance

  • Click on the line with the arrow right after the METHOD statement and click on the CREATE button

  • In the “Choose Enhancement Mode” dialogue box choose the option “Code”.

  • Enter the following values and press the green check mark

    • Enhancement Implementation : ZDMO_RAP_GENERATOR_FEAP_O2

    • Short text: Use latest SAPUI5 version for OData V2 Fiori Elements preview

  • In the “Create object directory” dialogue enter the name of a package (e.g. $TMP) and press “Save”.

  • Enter the following two lines of code and press “Save Enhancements” and Activate your changes.

rv_sapui5core_resources_url = ''.