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In one of my recent blogs, I showed how Freudenberg fosters low-code adoption via an SAP “Buildathon”.

This success story raised a lot of attention, and some of the readers asked me for more on what our valued SAP customers are concretely doing with SAP Build, in what areas and for what results.

So let me share a few productive examples from our customers and partners that I like. They are coming from different regions and industries, and the use cases have nothing in common… they except bringing a great business outcome in a short amount of time!

EY - Emergency Response Application for Ukrainian refugees

The crisis in Ukraine has forced over 3 million people to flee their homeland. Most of the people who arrived in bordering countries, like Poland, were unsure of how or where to find the necessary resources that they need to live and rebuild their lives.

This humanitarian crisis has raised an immediate need to support those displaced from their homes, and more specifically, to help them gather information on where they can find essential provisions and materials such as water, rice, canned food, detergents, and soap. EY created an Emergency Response Application to help those seeking refuge in Poland obtain this critical and time-sensitive information, as well as the organizations seeking to provide aid.

The mobile-first pro-bono application acts as a conduit to match people with resources and works in two ways. It helps non-governmental organizations list out the basic food and hygiene products, as well as clothes available in their warehouses, while allowing those seeking aid to pinpoint the most convenient and appropriate donation area for them to obtain the material or assistance they need. The data entered by aid organizations is automatically translated into Ukrainian; however, the interface is available in Ukrainian, Polish and English.

The application was developed in just 6 weeks and includes 114 humanitarian aid distribution points located within 53 cities. Participating distribution points independently determine stock levels as well as exact hours of operation and can add this information directly into the application.

EY won an SAP Innovation Award with this application, read more details in their pitch deck and in this article from Axel Janz, Global Head of SAP Products and Innovations at EY.

Pif Paf Alimentos – Mobile app for machinery maintenance

Pif Paf Alimentos, founded in 1968, is one of the top ten companies in the food sector in Brazil. The company offers a diverse product portfolio including meat, fish, sausages, pasta, ready-to-eat meals, and cheese breads that are enjoyed by millions of customers both in Brazil and around the world. To produce high-quality food, the company relies on complex machinery that operates in over 14 industrial units. Therefore, it is crucial that all machinery operates as expected at all times. Maintenance is key to ensuring the machinery’s reliability and efficiency.

In less than three weeks, Pif Paf Alimentos launched a mobile application for its maintenance technicians using SAP Build Apps. The new mobile app significantly reduces the use of paper, improves the efficiency and accuracy of administrative tasks, and does not require an Internet connection.

Read more details in this article.

Prestige Group – Automating due payments notifications

Prestige Group is one of India’s real estate success stories. Founded in 1986, the company is responsible for some of India’s most prestigious property developments in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, and other major cities in India. In addition, Prestige Group leases its properties to tenants and manages the maintenance of its own facilities.

Prestige Group realized that a reliance on disconnected business applications and manual processes could be an obstacle to ambitious growth plans. To address this, the company wanted to enable intelligent, integrated processes on a centralized digital core. It also wanted to use the latest technologies to provide more-efficient customer services, improve collaboration internally within the teams, automate repetitive tasks, and support faster decision-making with on-the-go access to critical information.

With its new integrated IT landscape based on RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition and SAP BTP, Prestige Group has streamlined processes and improved visibility across the business. Real-time operational reporting accessible on any device supports agile decision-making. This helps the company react quickly to new challenges and keep pace with the fast-changing real estate market.

The automation of processes using SAP Build Process Automation has allowed Prestige employees to spend their time on activities that add more value to the business, improving employee satisfaction. This has resulted in improving the customer experience as well. What’s more, process automation reduces the risk of manual errors in communication and ensures customers receive accurate and timely information.

For instance, the company created an unattended bot to run transaction codes on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, automatically generating statement-of-account letters and due payment notifications. Sending statement-of-account, reminder mail for payment milestones and due payment, and notifying customer outstanding through WhatsApp for all customers now takes less than 5 minutes instead of 2-3 days!

Read more details in this article and in the SAP Innovation Awards 2023 Pitch Deck.

CITIC Pacific Mining – Managing safety compliance documents

Located on the Pilbara Coast in Western Australia, CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd. and its parent company, Sino Iron, are a fully integrated, pit-to-port magnetite iron ore mining, processing, and export corporation. Open-pit mining is complex and high risk, mandating extensive worker training and compliance documentation for CITIC and its partners. Gathering driver’s licenses, high-risk work licenses, and other credentials requires extensive partner training – a challenge that can lead to workers arriving on-site without the paperwork they need.

Even when compliance documents are in order, manual submissions, and reviews – as well as record keeping, updates, and reporting – take time and constantly pose the risk of human error. On top of that, expiring compliance documents can go undetected, leading to additional workforce safety risks. And using unencrypted e-mail increases the risk of exposing personal information. CITIC Pacific Mining wanted to extend its HR and learning management software to create a fit-to-purpose document management system. The solution would need to include an integrated, self-service application for uploading documents as well as an automated workflow for recording, storing, and updating compliance records.

CITIC was already using SAP SuccessFactors solutions to manage its internal and contractor workforce. It partnered with DalRae Solutions and the Cloud Success Services team to develop and deploy a fit-to-purpose compliance document management application using SAP Business Technology Platform. SAP SuccessFactors Learning provides the structure for managing compliance documents as learning items, so no changes to core business processes were required. SAP BTP made it possible to automate and digitalize document compliance using SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Document Management service. SAP BTP also provided built-in integrations, development tools, and mobile capabilities, as well as the level of cyber resilience that CITIC needed to protect compliance and workforce data.

The new application provides employees and contractors with a simple, fast, and convenient way to document safety compliance, eliminating manual information collection, entry, and validation. Everything is stored in one location, and the system is always up to date – helping ensure compliance at all times. Plus, end-to-end encryption helps secure worker data and protect privacy.

CITIC achieved up to $A300,000 annual savings on worker productivity and saved ~200 days on learning administration through automation, so it will take less than 6 months to reach return on investment.

Read more details in this article and in this presentation.

And of course, SAP! Empowering employees with a modern, digital workplace

As part of our “SAP runs SAP” program, SAP is also using SAP Build for a while. It all started with SAP Build Process Automation (it was SAP Intelligent RPA back in 2020-2021) with successful projects in HR, Data Governance and Central Finance for 120 countries.

Recently, SAP completed a huge project that empowers every of SAP’s 112,000 employees and external users: after a smooth move to SAP Build Work Zone, the users enjoy an outstanding experience that intelligently provides centralized access to an internal digital workspace - anywhere and on any device!

SAP made the transition from SAP Jam to SAP Build Work Zone driven by the growing expectations of SAP employees, partners, and customers to build business and community sites with drag and drop simplicity. SAP Build Work Zone not only empowers citizen developers to create personalized experiences but also drastically reduces workload for IT and developers.

For more details on this project, watch the video.

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