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Welcome SPS04 to HANA Express!

I am happy to share that SAP HANA, express edition SPS04 is now available for download!

I might have broken a couple of branding rules there… but I’d promised se38 some expressions of joy ?

These have been long awaited news and I appreciate all the teams working hard to finally make it available to all developers out there. You can find the release notes at the developer center.

I would recommend checking out the “What’s new…” webcasts for SPS 04. There are also some interesting features around clients (including very good news about the Python one now being available in pip!) and the Native Storage Extension which you can also play with in HXE:

New getting started mission for XS Advanced and the Cloud Application Programming Model

I had some time to play with this image before the release, so I started building a new mission using the Cloud Application Programming model. Here is the first installment:

The first thing I could notice (and is also available in SAP Web IDE Full Stack) is that the UAA service finally gets created automagically.

You just mark that “Enable User Authentication” flag during the “SAP Cloud Platform Business Application” wizard:

The wiring and binding is done for you (you will need to modify the xsappname):

And the service is then created!

My plan is to replace the existing getting started mission with this new one after SAP TechEd 2019. While most of it works, there are some pieces that are too outdated already by SPS04.

Speaking about SAP TechEd

And free stuff (like HXE!)… If you want to go for the first time, we are giving away showfloor passes. These passes will get you to the Developer Garage, where we will have some hands-on missions you can complete and get cool prizes in the process.

Check how easy it is to enter the lottery for the pass (and some of the legal blurb) in this blog post:

While we are at it, if you have registered already, keep an eye on that catalog for our session with the one and only thomas.jung.  We’ll be covering HANA native development. More about the Data management and Artificial Intelligence at SAP Teched in this blog post by lucas.kiesow .

If you want to upgrade an existing HXE VM, here are some notes on how I'd do it:

In the meantime, stay tuned on Twitter or LinkedIn !

Lucia Subatin