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It was raining in the Saturday afternoon. I was checking a few threads in SCN, seeing whether I could help someone facing issues.

Then I found a thread where someone asked about upgrade from release 7.40 to 7.50. What!?!? I didn't realize that the SAP Netweaver 7.5 was already available!

This blog tells about my first WEBGUI execution in the new release.


The installation process


Installing a new system comprehends reading the Master Guide, the Installation Guide, downloading DVD medias, installing database... And finally install the system. Ok, this is my general/superficial assessment!

To spare time, the result I got was:


Nice! The installation went quite fast, even for the test hardware I have.


Preflight checks


Ok, I have a new system, only green lights in SAPMMC... What else should I do before calling WEBGUI?


Let me verify a few things, then go WEBGUI!


Kernel version/patch level: Currently installed: 7.45, patch level 15:


There is a new patch level available: 22. Need to be done: update the kernel, as there are 26 changes in ITS since pl 15.

The kernel forecast for release 7.45 is available in SAP note 2199308.

If you have more than once instance in the system, then you can upgrade the kernel using RKS.




The tabs are the same, including the Memory Trace:


Due to the amount of memory available, it is necessary to adjust the value of em/global_area_MB, otherwise no many ITS sessions would be created:




All the nodes related to the WEBGUI in SICF need to be activated.


Other configuration steps


I decided to configure HTTPS protocol, via STRUST, so I followed SAP note 510007.

I also installed the licenses for the system, otherwise the initial license would expire soon.


Fly WEBGUI, fly!


Time to test!


  • Call WEBGUI in the OkCode field of your SAPGUI or

  • Test the WEBGUI service via SICF or

  • Call the WEBGUI URL directly in the web browser


The default splash screen appears (showing the new release and kernel patch):


The result is the WEBGUI as we know:

Note that the default theme is the SAP Tradeshow. You can change the theme - just follow SAP note 1656975.


I couldn't find any discrepancy between the WEBGUI execution/memory consumption between releases 7.40 and 7.50, using the same theme.


Now available...installation of SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP1, as this add-on is supported in the new release.


Some important updates (from March, 2017)


Recently I received an email, asking about web browser support in the 7.50 release. This information is available in the SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) website.


Another question was about what might prevent the UWL from working with ITS/WEBGUI in IE11. Most likely the issue is related to the rendering mode. I recommend using Standards Mode. For more inside on this topic, I recommend reading SAP note 314568.