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In SP09 MultiDB system, Webdispatcher processes inbound HTTP and HTTPS connections to XS services.

In SP09 System, Multiple Tenant databases will be there. Each Tenant database will have unique xs engine and Single Webdispatcher is available for one HANA Instance So Webdispatcher is common for all the Tenant databases.

Webdispatcher receives the user http request and It will point to corresponding XS Engine port using [wdisp/system_1] Parameter.

In SRCVHost, The Http Request address will be mentioned. Using Webdispatcher, this request will navigate to XS Engine Port 3xx07

(xx - HANA Instance Number)

Problem Statement:

If The Service WebDispatcher is down and looks red (I don't know What is the cause of the Issue) and system is also looks red.

I have tried the following options, I could not bring out the system to Normal Condition.

1. Setting Webdispatcher Instances to 0 and change the Instances to 1.

2. HANA System Restart

3 Start and Stop Tenant DB Index servers.

Nothing is working and Finally I found the work around for this problem.


1. In daemon.ini, Set Instance value for Webdispatcher is 0

2. Then We have to remove the webdispatcher from Name Server Topology

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('topology.ini', 'system') UNSET ('/host/<hostname>', 'webdispatcher') WITH RECONFIGURE

3. Remove the Parameter [wdisp/system_1] from Profile Section under Webdispatcher.ini

4. Now, In daemon.ini, Set Instance value for Webdispatcher is 1

5. After Setting the parameter value is 1, Webdispatcher service will be started now. Now the service will be green.

6. Then set the Parameter [wdisp/system_1] again from Profile Section under Webdispatcher.ini

Now The Webdispatcher Issue in SP09 Problem is solved :smile: