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Originally introduced in BI 4.1, this feature allows customization of various buttons and tabs from the webi interface for an user group and per folder if desired. Since then there's been a string of improvements to make it more intuitive and feature rich.

With BI 4.2 SP7, the functionality has been further improved to include more possibilities in the HTML client and new right-click menu customization options. The right-click customization also impacts the page zone, headers and footers, tables, charts, free cells and sections. As before, these customizations apply to all the Web Intelligence clients including the Desktop Rich Client.

Below is an overview with links to further details.

To access the customization, goto CMC > Users and Groups. Right click on the group and select Customization. Note when an user belongs to multiple UserGroups, the WebI customization applied is consistent with which BI Launch Pad Preferences are applied. Reference KBA 1866963 and the Customization rules.

From the Customization interface you can modify the following:

1. Customized folders - select the folder(s) where the custom user interface and extensions apply. The settings for the Default Folders define the default customization. Add another folder by clicking Add Folder and selecting the new folder.

Customizations can be copied between folders using the Duplicate Customization/Paste Customization options under the Add Folder drop down menu.

2. User Interface Elements tab- select individual interface elements to hide, such as a toolbar or tab, or their subelements.

Splash Screen - the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence splash screen that appears when a user opens Web Intelligence.

Application Contextual Menu - the menu that appears when a user right-clicks in the Web Intelligence screen.

Report Area Contextual Menu - these menus appear when a user right-clicks in the report or in a report element.

Document Creation Dialog Box - this dialog box appears when a user wants to create a document.

Side Panel - the panel located next to the report panel allows users access to various information tabs.

Status Bar - the bar at the bottom providing document action status and allows for zoom, page navigation, and formula bar activation tasks.

Report Zone - along the sides of the report page, includes the reports tabs, scrolling tool and formula editor.

Reading Mode Toolbar - the toolbars displayed in Reading mode.

Design Mode Toolbar - the toolbars and tabs displayed in Design mode.

Initial Toolbar - the initial toolbar that appears when a user opens the Web Intelligence application and when no document is open

Application Control Toolbar - this appears in the upper toolbar of Web Intelligence when no document is open.

Query Panel Toolbar - options under Query Panel Add Query used to choose the possible data sources when adding a new query.

Welcome Screen - the New Document - Open Document dialog box appears when Web Intelligence Rich Client opens and allows the user to select a data source to create a document. You can hide any of the data sources that display in the dialog box. If all the data sources are hidden, then the dialog box is empty. If the Welcome Screen parent checkbox is selected, then the dialog box does not display.

Shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. CTRL + N or CTRL + S)

For details on each specific element reference the Administrator's Guide or the BI Developer's Guide for Web Intelligence and the Semantic Layer.

3. Features tab - hide all user interface elements related to a function. For example, unchecking Refresh will affect the Refresh button in the toolbar used in the reading and design mode.

4. Extensions tab -  allows for Web Intelligence user interface extensions that you have created and deployed in your installation.

Click Save when finished, users of the selected group will see these changes the next time they log on to BI launch pad and open Web Intelligence.
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