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Thanksgiving is around the corner and SAP would like to thank you with a brand-new feature support packageSP21 – for SAP Landscape Management 3.0.

As usual in my feature blog posts, I would like to emphasize on 3 new features. All other innovations and improvements can be found in the table below as well as on our SAP Help Portal for SAP Landscape Management.

Firstly, let me share that you’re now able to perform a single tenant database refresh including ABAP post-copy automation activities by leveraging the system replication technique provided by SAP HANA. Since there is no dependency on storage or infrastructure, you can now refresh your SAP HANA based system like SAP S/4HANA across different locations (e.g. on-premise to hyperscaler, or hyperscaler to hyperscaler). This was requested by many customers and we’re happy to finally provide you this end-2-end refresh option.

Speaking of refresh. As you might know, LaMa offers different kind of refresh scenarios. To get a better overview, we added this new page to our online help documentation.

Secondly, we did some integration with SUSE Pacemaker. LaMa recognizes clusters managed by SUSE Pacemaker and assists with several cluster manager operations, for instance enabling and disabling of the cluster maintenance mode. This means maintenance activities performed by LaMa including starting and stopping of your SAP system won’t have any conflict with SUSE Pacemaker.

Thirdly, we added new REST API methods (GET, PATCH, DELETE) for managing the cloud manager configuration, repositories, and release configurations.

I am also proud to share that my colleague annchristin recorded a new SP21 Highlights Video again. Please check it out here.

Enjoy the latest support package!

New Features in LaMa 3.0 SP21

Feature Business Capability Description Related Links
Application server installation on SAP HANA with enforced SSL Database Platform Management Ability to perform additional application server installations on SAP HANA with enforced SSL connection. Installing Application Servers on an Existing System
Database refresh based on replication by SAP HANA Database Platform Management Ability to perform a database refresh (only) including ABAP post-copy automation activities, using the system replication option provided by SAP HANA. Refreshing a Database Using Replication
Error codes for actions Landscape Operations and Customization Ability to view error codes for each action shown in the operation logs view and archived operation logs view.

Viewing Logs

Filter Overview
REST Application Programming Interface Landscape Operations and Customization New REST API methods to manage your infrastructure components.

  • Manage your cloud manager configuration (GET, PATCH, DELETE)

  • Manage repositories (GET, PATCH, DELETE)

  • Manage release configurations (GET, PATCH, DELETE)

  • Retrieve basic SAP Landscape Management information (GET)

SAP API Business Hub
Support for Pacemaker clusters Landscape Operations and Customization Ability to perform cluster manager operations. Cluster Manager Operations

Further information

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