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Last year, the Web Dynpro for Java framework started to allow support to render WDJ applications in standard mode. Things started to get a bit tricky when these applications are embedded in the classic portal, and there are several notes from different component areas that need to be implemented.

From Web Dynpro for Java, support for Standard Mode was released in three stages:

1. Support for WDJ Standalone Applications, note 1854758. New parameter sap-ie introduced, configurable from NWA and also can be appended to a standalone application. The WDJ framework will recognize this parameter:

    sap-ie=Edge =>  Standards

    sap-ie=EmulateIE8 =>  Quirks

2. Having support for Standalone Applications we then provide for embedded WDJ application in the classic portal, per note 1894272

3. Having support for Standalone Applications we then provided for UFP environment, per note 1911889. UFP is a scenario where only standards mode is supported hence no quirks mode is possible, but it is not a very popular scenario, however, it does exist.

From Portal side:

1. In the "beginning" MS created IE8, and we always just followed note 1458799 -Limited supportability for IE8 and above in the portal, and compatibility mode always had to be used and content had to be rendered in quirks mode.

2. Then came UI5 and HCM, and there was a need to handle those in standards mode, so note 1737445 was created. This is will allow standards mode rendering not just of HTML5/UI5, but also Web Dynpro for Java, but here is the catch: The iView must be opened in NavMode 10, also known as headerless portal windows (standard mode). More information about this mode can be found in note 2014109.

3. You still can't render standards mode "inside" the portal unless you are using standard supported FWP (UFP,FFP)

4. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the word is that SP15 will render content in standards mode inside the portal and save the day.

Some important things to keep in mind. Note 1737445 provides configurations to render in standards mode (using NavMode 10) for NW 7.00, 7.01 and 7.02, but that is not supported for WDJ applications mentioned in note 1854758, because that note applies to product version 7.30 SP09 and higher. So keep an eye out for those FPN scenarios that involve different product versions, such as 731 and 701/702, and remember these limitations.

Quirks mode and note 1458799 still apply to standard or custom delivered WDJ applications such as ESS/MSS/UWL that are being rendered within the portal (NOT in Nav Mode 10).

And to complete this discussion, we should not forget these 2 important Unified Rendering notes:

1900896 - Central Browser Note for IE Quirks and Standards Document Modes at SAP

1674501 - Setting Internet Explorer Document Mode and Compatibility View for Administrators

If you are still interested to read more about this topic, you can find more details in this enterprise portal community blog: