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SAP CEO Bill McDermott had quite the message to share at this year's SAPPHIRE NOW. In a nutshell, he walked through SAP's strategy for creating the intelligent enterprise to help make the world run better. This is no small undertaking in a world where more data is created each year than in the thousands of years before.

But Bill was quick to point out how SAP will accomplish this. He summarized the approach succinctly by relaying a conversation he had with chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov:
"We have great brains and great computers but a lousy process for integrating them. Weak human + machine + superior process is better than human + faster machine + inferior process. In other words, process itself is the multiplier producing superior results over time compared to human expertise or even better tech. Gary's experience leads us to a clear experience for the enterprise. We must embed AI into the business process itself... This is how we will augment humanity to unleash a new wave of economic growth around the world. SAP will power the intelligent enterprise."

He then went on to explain how growth companies are putting humans and machines on the same side and that SAP, with SAP Leonardo, is embedding intelligence into SAP's applications. But let's back up, what is SAP Leonardo and how will it enable the intelligent enterprise exactly?

SAP Leonardo is the combination of intelligent applications, technologies, and industry-led innovation services to bring intelligence to the enterprise. It includes technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, blockchain, machine learning, Big Data, and data intelligence.

As it turns out, SAP is launching a new massive open online course via openSAP that will go into detail about the capabilities and outcomes made possible by these technologies that make up SAP Leonardo. It will explain what Bill touched on earlier, that is, how augmenting existing business processes will lead to superior results. Or, put another way, it will show how SAP Leonardo powers enterprises with intelligent technologies for every business process to create better outcomes.

If you're interested in learning more, sign up here for this free course SAP Leonardo - Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise. The course starts July 17 and will feature a series of SAP experts covering each of the technologies behind SAP Leonardo. It will require just 2-3 hours to complete and is meant for anyone interested in intelligent technologies and innovation.

Hope to see you there!