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The SAP Idea Place has been in existence for the last two or three years. Looking at the descriptions on the initial page I am not sure if it is obvious what this "thing" is all about:

I will be the first to admit I'm not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but reading the above really does not tell me how powerful SAP Idea Place is, or could be. I found a better one line description searching SCN for "SAP Idea Place":

Start sharing your ideas, discuss and vote for others' ideas today.

Hmm, OK, so what. We can share our ideas and vote for them. Cool. Now what? Well, this is where the power of SAP Idea Place comes into play;

Program Managers of an SAP product look at the ideas (perhaps a better term would be Enhancements). The more an idea has been voted on, the more likely it that it will be implemented. Now, looking at the ideas for this year, leaves me a little nonplused, perplexed and unimpressed. If the idea is voted up two or three times, it more than likely will not be implemented. So it is up to all of us to spread the idea around. I do it on the SCN Discussions (forums) and in my tweets (SAPCRNETSup, SAPCRDes). In this blog, I want to highlight ideas submitted in 2013 for SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio. I also invite you to vote on these ideas, or create your own. Spread the news, help make SAP Crystal Reports a better product. A product in your image - well in a tiny part anyhow :smile: .

Here is the list of ideas posted in 2013 and their stats:

Idea TitleDate SubmittedVotesViews
Add crdb_FileSystem.dll to Crystal Reports for Visual Studio x64 bitMay 9, 201332
SAP Crystal Report 2008 Dynamic Zoom FactorApril 29, 201325
Where do I find Crystal Reports Service Packs and Fix Packs if I don't have a support contractApril 25, 2013615
Allow physical location of subreports to be updated in master reportApril 3, 2013863
Request for ShowProgressAnimation box in CR v13 to display Summary record count similar to CR v11March 26, 2013217
Request for "SearchExpert" Button in .Net Crystal Report Viewer [13.0.5]March 21, 2013213
SAP Crystal Reports 2008/2011 missing functionality like using .xlxs data from Access/Excel/(DAO)January 29, 2013454
Ability to put OLEs in CrosstabJanuary 14, 2013221
Query LDAP via Crystal Report DesignerJanuary 4, 2013566
Add the Export Format Option "Column Width based on Objects in the Report" in the CRVS2010 for .NetDecember 19, 2012481

Personally, looking at the above numbers, I have to wonder how much need there is for most of the ideas. Thus, once again, I invite all of you interested in making Crystal Reports a better product to use your mouse and as the politicians would say; exercise your right to vote. Exercise your right to improve the product you are working with.

And in case you are wondering about the last idea being from 2012 - well, maybe I wanted to have nice round number of ideas (10), or maybe I like that idea :smile: ...