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The recent acquisition of Qualtrics, the experience management software company, has given SAP the biggest step up in an experience economy — the power of bringing together the X (Experiential) and O (Operational) data to provide a full 360 view on a business’s position. At the Qualtrics X4 Experience Management Summit in Salt Lake City, SAP showcased the seamless integration of intelligent technologies with X & O data.

Through SAP Analytics Cloud we deliver augmented analytics capabilities that allow business executives to make intelligent decisions. Below I’ve highlighted some key demos, exhibited at the Qualtrics X4 Summit, that show how SAP Analytics Cloud can be integrated within SAP SuccessFactors, SAP C/4HANA, and SAP S/4HANA.

X+O: The Power of Qualtrics and SAP for Employee Experience

Let’s first look at a shoe company, Tread, through its HR insights, using SAP Analytics Cloud integration with SAP SuccessFactors. The company shows a negative profit forecast due to an overspend in HR and underperformance in sales with no insights into the cause behind the loss.

With the integration of Qualtrics, together with SAP SuccessFactors insights, Tread can now see a holistic view of what’s impacting flight risk. The company is also able predict in advance which employees are most likely to leave by blending HR information with employee survey results. This is the power of X + O — we aren’t just reacting, but predicting exactly what to do to retain our top talent. The SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard further provides key details such as marking Qualtrics data as [X] and SAP SuccessFactors data as [O].

X + O: The Power of Qualtrics and SAP for Customer Experience

With the power of SAP Analytics Cloud companies can predict sales revenue and how it’s being impacted by NPS (net promoter score). The product simulator tool helps the company plan the target unit price by simulating the impact on the NPS across key attributes such product quality, design, packaging, and brand that affect the price.

X + O: An End-to-End Preview of the Power of Qualtrics and SAP

Many of our customers deal with large confidential datasets that require a high level of security. SAP HANA’s ability to anonymize the data makes it easier to integrate Qualtrics’ employee survey insights without compromising the privacy of an individual. We are bringing together SAP SuccessFactors, SAP C/4HANA, and SAP HANA Data Anonymization capabilities using SAP Analytics Cloud.

Qualtrics + SAP — this power duo has great plans to accelerate the journey to an intelligence enterprise for our customers. Stay tuned to find out more about how SAP leverages the experience management category — there is more to come!

This blog originally appeared on Medium and has been republished with permission.