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Please find below the updated links to the sessions at SAP TechEd Barcelona

“A loud shout-out to all the integration consultants” – come join us for our hands-on-session INT161 – End-to-End Visibility on SAP Process Integration Scenarios at SAP TechEd Barcelona.

Many customers lack visibility into an end-to-end process that involves process integration and are unable to make optimal decisions to achieve desired business outcomes. We learnt from customers and integration experts that integration is key to the process and to gain visibility on their end-to-end process they do not want to make changes to their productive integration flows and would prefer a non-intrusive approach.

We have now addressed this use case with SAP Operational Process Intelligence 1.0 SP12 and would like to share this knowledge with you via the hands-on session: INT161 – End-to-End Visibility on SAP Process Integration Scenarios at SAP TechEd and would urge you to attend it.
In this session you will learn how SAP Operational Process Intelligence software provides real-time visibility and insights into an end-to-end business process spanning multiple systems (SAP Process Integration and third-party solutions).
To make this session event more exciting we use a representative customer use case on invoice processing and in a matter of 2 hours you would build a smart process application to gain insights on the invoice management process that involves SAP Process Integration and SAP Business Process Management.

The complete overview on all our sessions you will find here: SAP TechEd 2016 Bugle Sounds – Look for Cloud Integration, Orchestration, and Intelligent Processes
I am sure you are interested in joining them - see you 🙂
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