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Vishal Sikka

Dr Vishal Sikka, SAP CTO and Board Member, visited SAP Lab Israel on September 10. Running on a tight schedule, he managed to participate in the “40 years to SAP” celebration party, to give a keynote in the HTIA conference in Jerusalem, to have an All Hands meeting in the Ra’anana Lab with SAP employees, to get an overview on the latest progress made by various teams in the Lab and to participate in the Start Up Focus Program Demo Session- all in less than 40 hours. It’s hard to be the SAP CTO nowadays, when so much innovation and breakthroughs are made each day. The company is on steroids, and entrepreneurship is in the air.

Abdul Razack, head of DNA, HANA and Analytics CSA, TIP Special Projects team and the former Extreme Apps, and Franz Faerber, lead of in-memory platform, HANA development and Sybase DB teams, joined Vishal in this visit and provided valuable input during the Demo Session.

Thanks to the book by Dan Senor and Saul Singer Israel is now widely known as the Start Up nation. We have a vibrant community of local entrepreneurs. IBM, Microsoft and additional Global companies have opened startup accelerator programs in Israel. It’s time for SAP to get involved as well.

5 companies presented their Security, Advertising, Social Semantic Search, NLP Queries and Predictive Analytics solutions integrated into and leveraged by HANA In Memory Database.

The companies showcased mission-critical processes whose performance significantly improved by HANA, and new functionalities that were not possible before HANA.

Flash Networks demoed their context-based advertising platform on iOS. Due to the fact that Flash Networks’ core business is 3G traffic-optimization for mobile carriers, the company is sitting on the critical junction and has piles of Big Data to process.

Senexx combines data from various sources, such as SharePoint, Yammer, and social networks to build domain experts’ profiles for Enterprise. Getting answers was never so easy. Senexx’s People Search Google extension provides you the contacts from inside the organization and from your social networks relevant to your query in real time.

GreenSQL’s team has extensive mileage in database security solutions. GreenSQL solutions provide data security, auditing and masking that are required for their customers to be compliant to the international standards, such as PCI and SOX.

PrimeQue’s tool enables you to talk to your database. The near-natural language query engine empowers end users to ask more questions on the fly, making data digging an addictive hobby.

Nerd Revenge: C-B4 is a company conceived in academia. Their Predictive Analytics solutions help customers to optimize supply and promotion bundles so that you never lose another customer.

Thank you Flash Networks, Senexx, GreenSQL, PrimeQue and C-B4 for answering the challenge and raising the Start Up Forum PoC bar so high.

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