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Product and Topic Expert

Reacting to change!

Due to the current global Coronavirus pandemic, many of our “traditional” roll-out activities cannot take place as planned. To ensure that you continue to receive all of the important Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) updates, we are currently working on different proposals how to virtualize the ALM portfolio rollout experience.


Most importantly, we would like to get YOUR feedback on which information you would like to get from us, and which format you prefer that is the most effective for you. Therefore, please let us know in the comments section of this blog about your information needs!


What we plan

Here’s what we plan to do, and some things we already do (keep in mind that this our current state of planning and it might still change!):

First, we will introduce a new ALM community call. This will be a monthly series of 60-minute webinars (currently planned to start in mid-June), each of them with a focus topic, and a fixed time slot reserved for Q&A. We also might invite guest speakers to this call, and we’ll keep the agenda topics flexible to always provide the latest news from the ALM sphere.

The global SAP ALM roadshow has been a highly successful series of events around the world since we first introduced it back in 2016. As we obviously cannot do in-person events during this time, we are working on transforming the full-day SAP ALM roadshow workshop into a webinar series of four 60-minute webinars which will be repeated each quarter (or maybe more often?) with updated information.

Speaking about events, we are also discussing how to provide virtual event experiences for our well-received SAP ALM Summits and SAP ALM forums, if we are not able to execute them as in-person events. Our first virtual event pilot will be the SAP ALM Summit APJ, planned for July. We are also constantly monitoring and analyzing other virtual SAP events (like SAPPHIRE NOW or SAP NOW) to benefit and learn from their experiences.

Already part of our virtual roll-out experience are the “What’s New” webinars which happen after a new release of SAP Solution Manager comes out. We also plan to provide these for the upcoming SAP Cloud ALM deliveries, as well as for SAP Focused Run.
Also not new, but very positively received by the community, is our bi-monthly blog calledTim’s To-Do list. This blog from provides latest news, recommendations for interesting (virtual) events and much more.

Additionally, we will of course continue to roll out information as blog posts via the SAP community, focusing both on overview information as well as on expert topics.
And our social media roll-out via Twitter, either using the official SAP Services and Support account or our own Twitter accounts, will also provide you with the latest news and, most importantly, also with information about the upcoming virtual events as described in this blog!

A completely new format (at least for us) is SAP CodeTalk. Originally coming from the developer community, these video interviews, accessible via YouTube, provide knowledge and latest news directly from the respective experts. We are currently investigating if this format can be useful to provide information on ALM topics. Stay tuned!

Another new format (at least for us) under investigation is a podcast about ALM topics. We would like to provide more “background” information in this podcast, for example on strategic aspects or on underlying architectural or design principles of our ALM products (just to mention some topic ideas). If you can think of other ideas you would like us to talk about, please let us know in the comments section below!


How you can stay up-to-date

There are different locations where you can inform yourself about upcoming events, webinars, blogs and other roll-out activities:


What do YOU need?

Now, we’d like to get your opinion and your input on our virtualized ALM rollout experience.

Please leave a comment below about what you need, which experience option(s) do you prefer and are most effective that you will take advantage of, and overall, what you think about all of this!