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Hi everyone,

maybe some of you already know: we recently ran the repeat of the openSAP course Extending SAP Products with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Between November 3rd 2015 and December 22nd 2015 over 3000 people enrolled to this course and got an overview on how they can leverage the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to extend SAP products.

With this blog post I want to thank all of the students for their participation and feedback and want to share the videos of the course. A course guide for the course, which links to the week guides, is also available here.

Direct access to the videos

First of all I'd like to encourage you to use the materials at the openSAP page for this course as it not only provides the videos and the slides, but also all the discussion threads with a lot of questions and answers that popped-up during the course.

The following list is meant for those of you who want to have a quick check of the videos to remember how to accomplish a specific task with the platform.

Again: don't forget that you get all the additional goodies like slides and Q&As around the course on the official openSAP page for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform course!

Unit Videos


Week 1: Extending SAP Cloud Products (related blog post)

1: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Solution Portfolio

  • Use cases
  • Extension concept

2: SAP Cloud Products Portfolio Extension Scenarios

  • Products that can be extended
  • Extension examples

3: Securing SAP Cloud Solution Extensions

  • Why security and decoupling are important

4: Exploring REST/OData APIs

  • Service designs
  • Free tolls you can use to explore Rest and OData APIs

5: The Extension Experience - Part 1

  • Integration layers
  • Types of extensions

6: The Extension Experience - Part 2

  • Overall cycle of discovering available extensions
  • What you can do once an extension is installed

Week 2: Cloud Extension in Details (related blog post)

1: Extending SAP Products with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

  • What extension options are available today
  • How extension applications are managed in SAP HANA Cloud Platform accounts

2: Cloud Extension Front End

  • What the key building blocks of an extension front end are
  • How the cloud extension front end integrates with SAP cloud solutions
  • What the tools for customizing the extension front end are

3: Cloud Extension Back End

  • What the currently supported extension back end options are
  • What mechanisms are in place to integrate the back end with SAP cloud products

4: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Extension Deployment

  • What are the main ingredients of an extension
  • What happens when you deploy an extension
  • What isolation mechanisms are in place for multi-tenant extensions

5: Releasing Cloud Extensions to Customers

  • How to release an extension in a customer landscape as a dedicated instance or as a multi-tenant extension

6: Operating and Supporting Cloud Extension Applications

  • What you can do in terms of operation and support for cloud extension applications if you are a
    • Customer
    • Partner
    • And/or developer

Week 3: My First SuccessFactors Extension (related blog post)

1: Overview of the SuccessFactors Extension Options

  • What the different modules of SuccessFactors are
  • Which of them are extendable using Metadata Framework (MDF) and/or SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • Typical SuccessFactors extension scenarios

2: Data Storage Options for SuccessFactors Extensions

  • Three different data storage options
    • SuccessFactors Metadata Framework
    • SAP HANA Cloud Platform persistence service
    • SAP HANA Cloud Platform document service
  • Which of them to use based on your use cases

3: DeployingMy First SuccessFactors Extension

  • Corporate Benefits sample app
  • How to import, build, deploy and connect it to SuccessFactors

4: SuccessFactors Tools for Development

  • How to debug an application
  • How to monitor API access
  • How to set throttling for SFAPI

5: Extending the Corporate Benefits Extension Front End

  • How to extend the Corporate Benefits front end
  • Extend the About Me UI to visualize the specific benefit points entitlement

6: Extending the Corporate Benefits Extension Back End

  • How to consume MDF objects via SuccessFactors OData API
  • How to extend the Corporate Benefits back end using MDF

Week 4: My First SAP Jam Extension (related blog post)

1: SAP Jam Work Patterns

  • What are SAP Jam work patterns
  • How work patterns increase the productivity of existing applications

2: Building an SAP Jam Work Pattern

  • What work patterns are generally comprised of
  • How SAP Jam rendering is configured to display external data
  • What the role of custom group templates in SAP Jam is

3: Work Patterns and the SAP Jam OData API

  • What the work pattern entry points are
  • What they are useful for
  • Which authentication and authorization layers SAP Jam supports
  • Which APIs SAP Jam exposes

4: Embedding SAP Jam in Your Application

  • UI widgets
  • iFrame widgets
  • SAP Jam UI5 controls

5: Deploying My First SAP Jam Work Pattern

  • How it is possible to extend SAP Jam to fit the needs of custom work patterns
  • OpenSocial Gadgets

6: Extending SAP Jam to Your Needs

  • How to extend existing applications by adding social context
  • How to build new work patterns with custom group templates

Week 5: My First SAP Cloud for Customer Extension (related blog post)

1: Introduction to SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

  • What SAP Cloud for Customer is
  • What the existing extensibility scenarios are
  • SAP Cloud for Customer extension techniques
  • What in-app and side-by-side extensions are

2: Using C4C Key User Tools

  • What key user tools and supported mashup types are
  • How to create and export dynamic page layouts

3: Using the Custom Object Builder to Customize a C4C System

  • What business objects are
  • What the Custom Object Builder is and what its features are

4: Leveraging Default and Custom C4C OData Services

  • What OData Services Explorer and OData Editor are
  • How to extend standard C4C OData services
  • How to create custom C4C OData services

5: Deploying My First C4C HTML5 Extension

  • How to consume OData services from an HTML5 application using SAP Web IDE
  • How to leverage SAP Cloud for Customer OData services using SAP HANA Cloud Platform destinations

6: Deploying My First C4C Java Extension

  • What a typical extension application architecture is
  • How to build Java extension applications for SAP Cloud for Customer
  • Which SAP extensions are already in production
  • What the SAP PartnerEdge opportunities are

7: Recap and Summary

  • Short recap and summary of the whole course
  • Quick outlook on what is planned for the future

All the best,