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In this lesson Rob Case shows how to create a simple vocabulary on SAP HANA Rules Framework...


The vocabulary is one of the basic resources of SAP HANA Rules Framework - it is used to describe a business universe, which consists of data objects, outputs, actions, and aliases. The vocabulary is the interface between SAP HANA Rules Framework and the underlying data model of the consuming application.

The vocabulary is used by business users to express the business logic either with the rule expression language, or with the selection of actions and outputs to be performed. We recommend to create the vocabulary as simple and as readable as possible - as it is exposed to the business user. Therefore - technical names should be changed to meaningful names, unnecessary data objects and\or attributes should not be exposed and complex associated tables structures (due to normalization) should be reduced to flat structures (via views)...

Here is a link to a video describes how to install SAP HANA Rules Framework's modeling tools which is a prerequisite for the lesson itself, and here is the link for the video of lesson number-2...


In the next lesson Rob will explain how to create outputs and actions...