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The power to search an entire organization in real time for new insights, problems and solutions can rest in the hands of every single employee, SAP announced Tuesday. SAP Cloud for Analytics can help digital enterprises discover, visualize and predict -- all in one place.

“We have reinvented how analytics is done,” Bernd Leukert said during his SAP TechEd keynote in Las Vegas.

“You have the ability to manage your company in a completely different way,” SAP Executive Board Member bernd.leukert said during his keynote address. “We have reinvented how analytics is done -- not just the platform, not just the core -- it’s the analytics business completely reinvented.”

Leukert called Cloud for Analytics “the newest member of our SAP family” before a demonstration, which featured a fictitious retail chain with a few underperforming stores. The tool singlehandedly quickly identified them, geographically represented them and even evaluated their competition, revealing that sales at rival stores were stealing market share.

SAP Still Runs SAP

“The SAP board meetings now run in a digital way,” Leukert said. “There are no PowerPoints anymore; there are no back-office people preparing pages of documents; we run and we analyze our business in real time, in our Digital Boardroom.”

Built on Cloud for Analytics, the SAP Digital Boardroom offers context and simplicity as an alternative to the often complicated and cumbersome process of performance reporting. The Digital Boardroom offers a real-time, granular single source of truth across all areas of the digital enterprise.

“We can instantly dig into any aspect of our business,” Leukert said. “Any discussion is directly supported by that data.”

Where to Build Applications?

“The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is not just another platform as a service,” Leukert said. “It’s the platform to build business applications.”

A quick demonstration revealed how HCP can help an enterprise create a Web page to conduct business in another country. One simple tool created a ready-to-use page by translating all of the existing text into one of 38 available languages, converting prices to the appropriate currency and adding the correct sales tax -- all within four minutes.

“Instead of building everything from scratch, join the community,” Bernd Leukert told developers, engineers and technologists attending SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.

“And now you might ask how difficult it is to build an app on our HANA Cloud Platform,” Leukert said. “This is quite simple: Instead of building everything from scratch, join the community.”

Smart Vehicles

“Just a year ago ... companies like Shell, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Vodafone and others joined [our pilot program] to see what is possible on the HANA Cloud Platform,” Leukert said. “And we had the vision of the SAP Vehicles Network, a cloud offering that enables drivers here in North America to consume connected parking and connected fueling through a mobile app.”

The network connects sales channels, such as automotive OEMs, parking garages and fuel stations, enhancing the driver’s experience. For example, the system can locate, reserve and pay for a parking spot -- all with vehicle-centric services and Samsung Pay.

“The SAP Vehicles Network is a great example of how the HANA Cloud Platform and all of the microservices that we built -- and our ecosystem of partners -- can help us on the transformation to the digital world,” Leukert said.

The Tie That Binds

The common denominator enabling all of the innovation onstage was SAP HANA, Leukert stated.

“This unmatched; it’s the next generation,” Leukert said. “Build your best application ever; convert your dreams, your story; and become a developer hero.”

Check out my video interview with Leukert from SAP TechEd below, and follow me on Twitter: @DKlobucher

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