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In this video, Ginger McCullough, Vice President of Change and Training at Brookshire Grocery Company, talks about how her organization is using SuccessFactors and SAP Jam. The transcript follows the video.

Ginger McCullough

Vice President of Change and Training

Brookshire Grocery Company


Brookshire Grocery Company has been around for 85 years. We’re a family-owned company. We have 14,500 employees in 152 locations. My company’s mission is to provide a great shopping experience for our customers and to be a great place to work for our employees.

I focus on change and trying to transition where we are today to where we need to be tomorrow. The priority is to make sure we deliver knowledge, training, and information in a quick, efficient, and consistent manner. And that’s where SuccessFactors comes in.

SuccessFactors LMS and SAP Jam

SuccessFactors is a success story for our company. Currently, we’re using the learning management system (LMS) from SuccessFactors. Another solution we’re using is SAP Jam. We branded it BGC Connect. We love it.

We partnered with SuccessFactors because of the people and the end-user experience – very easy. And that’s what it’s about, your end user.

I think it’s important that people realize that the LMS is a tool. SuccessFactors is our vendor who we partnered with, but we’ve embraced it as our own. We branded it as “Learn” – a learning, empowerment, and resource network. It’s allowed us to store knowledge.

Sometimes people think an LMS is only for training – and it’s not. It’s for information and learning – and anything that you need to deliver to your organization that’s important to help them do their jobs better.

The future

When I think about the workforce of the future, I think about being able to deliver training in a different way, because today our attention span is not what it was yesterday. We have too much going on. So to deliver the message, it’s got to be quicker and more efficient – in a way that people learn today, which is mobile, on the computer, and visually.

If you think big picture – if you’re looking out five years ahead strategically for your company – then you’re already behind if you don’t have an LMS.

SuccessFactors is a great product. Being partnered with SAP makes them even a stronger company. They’ve got their cloud technology – they’re right where they need to be.

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