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Throngs of innovators were united in an unstoppable quest to learn about machine learning at this year’s SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. I met with Thomas Grassl, Chief Developer and Coolness Officer at SAP, in the Developers Garage section of the show floor, where he showed me how easy it was for developers to get started with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning in this VIDEO interview.

Responding to high demand for machine learning skills

Over 40 percent of surveyed organizations cited the lack of people with adequate skills as a challenge to taking advantage of machine learning technology. SAP is investing in hands-on education to change that fast.

“SAP is making it simple for developers to expand their skills using SAP Leonardo Machine Learning,” said Grassl. “Most developers have heard about machine learning, but may not have begun engaging because they think it’s too complex, or they don’t know where to get started. We are investing in machine learning tools and training programs, and have put all of our tutorials on the SAP Developer Center, where developers can find step-by-step instructions on how to get started.”

The machine learning prototype Grassl showed me at SAP TechEd (which you can build as well, by following the follow guide) was smart as a whip, consisting of a mobile app featuring image recognition capabilities built with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. The app correctly identified an object based on the picture taken by the mobile phone. “We’re helping developers integrate machine learning with applications on the SAP Cloud Platform, and extending that value to mobile devices,” he said.

As machine learning is becomes pervasive, developers must accelerate their own education in sync to stay relevant as leaders in digital transformation.

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