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Hi Everyone,



There have been situations where we may need to remove SAP Business Intelligence (BI) 4.0/4.1/4.2 from the Server machine and you may be not able to remove it from PROGRAMS AND FEATURES or clean the registries etc.


Below are the possible reasons when you wanted to remove BI :

  • Installation went wrong or terminated and you wanted to do a fresh install again.

  • Unable to remove the product from Programs and features of Windows Control Panel.

  • Due to binary corruptions of BI Server like Install Data Problems, Corrupted etc.

  • You have installed many service packs updates / patches and you wanted to clean it and install only targeted pack.

    • For Example : BI 4.0 SP6  (Full Build) >updated> BI 4.0 Sp12 >updated> BI 4.1 Sp6 >updated> BI 4.1 Sp6 Patch3 >updated> BI 4.1 SP7 and you wanted to remove BI and install only BI 4.1 Sp7 (Full Build) on the server to save disk space. etc


We use KBA : 1691555 - How to manually remove SAP Business Intelligence (BI) 4.0/4.1/4.2 Manually from Windows Server to remove it and performing the KBA very precisely and accurately is one of the important point. So I have create a Script (Batch +vbs) which we will do the job automatically and it will be Cleanup Utility for BI.




WHAT's New in Version-2 :

  • It will remove the Server Intelligence Agent Service to avoid problem in next install with SIA Name.


Products will be removed :


  • This script will remove all the product associated with SAP BI with Add-on or Component installed on the server where script is running.

    • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.0

    • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.1

    • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2

    • Crystal Reports 2011

    • Crystal Reports 2013

    • Crystal Reports 2016

    • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer , Data Services, Live Office or any Add-on which is associated with SAP BusinessObjects

    • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform Clients Tools (If Present on Server)

  • If you are using CUSTOM Database present on another server it will not affect it and do any operation on it. Same is applicable for the FILE-STORE on Network Location.

  • If you are using Distributed or Clustered combination it will not affect other system. It will remove the content on the local server where the script is executed.



Pre-requisites :

  • Take the backup of the necessary files/customizations present in <InstallDirectory>\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BUsinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\ .

    • Default Filestore : <InstallDirectory>\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BUsinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Filestore (OPTIONAL and Asked in theScript)

    • Default Database (If using SQL Anywhere) : <InstallDirectory>\SAP BusinessObjects\sqlanywhere\database

    • Default Tomcat : <InstallDirectory>\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat

  • Stop all the services if you are cleaning a running SAP BI 4.x

  • Check if any process is running in the task manager and kill if present related to Business Objects.

  • Ensure you have Administrator rights as this will clean registries and files under Windows\Installer folder.



Finally Remove BI


  • Extract the two files #RemoveBI.bat and #CleanupBI.vbs into any folder.

  • Open Command Prompt in Elevated Mode (Administrator)

  • Run RemoveBI.bat and it will ask you to continue.

  • It will ask you to take the backup of Default File Store If you have already taken the backup hit N or if you wanted  to take backup hit Y. Here I have used option YES = Y.

  • Then it will ask you for the DRIVE where you wanted to take the backup. Example : E: , F: , etc. Here I have use C:  Drive to take the backup.



  • After completion of Backup it will automatically start to DELETE the services for Default Tomcat, SQL Anwhere Service, Subversion ( If present if not then exception of error is acceptable since the service will not there)

  • It will Automatically detect the INSTALLATION FOLDER of SAP BI and start deleting it.

  • Now it will take the backup of the FULL Registry and place it in the USERS Profile. After that it will start to delete the Registry Keys for "SAP BusinessObjects".

  • Once Completed it will start to Remove the Files associated with BI in <osdrive>\Windows\Installer

  • Next and Final Step to remove all the Registries from the computer associated with BI in Current users and Local Machine. IT MAY TAKE A WHILE

    • Don't worry about the "ERROR : The system was unable to find the specified..." message it is to cross check in loop if the registry is deleted or not.

  • Once the script is completed Simply reboot the server and you have a fresh machine of windows server where bi was not installed.



Disclaimer : This script is the property of SAP and should not be used in any form commercially. Free for non commercial use only redistribute is forbidden. This script to help the customer and in case of any issues SAP or I will not be responsible any damage or unusual behaviour of script.




Mahak Rathore