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Earlier this year we launched the UX Transformation Toolkit blog series. Its focus is on providing tips, tools, and general advice for UX teams who are looking for guidance on how to effect a UX transformation at their companies.

Check out the UX transformation toolkit!

Hint: This list gets updated regularly as new blog posts are published.

Last update: September 16, 2021.

3 Tips to Stay Informed about User Experience and Design Topics at SAP

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Our Top 7 Picks for User Experience Trainings on openSAP Overview and course information on the top courses around SAP Fiori for development and UX teams
Yes, you should be measuring user experience data! Here’s why…

SAP partner sovanta explains the benefits of measuring user experience data throughout the UX project lifespan and offers a holistic view into their recently launched UX Score tool available on the SAP app store.

A modified version of this article was also published on Forbes.
3 Tools to Measure User Experience Data for Enterprise Applications Discover two tools from our SAP Partner ecosystem that measure user experience data for enterprise applications, and how SAP is currently using UX data to improve the experience continuously.
Boost UX Maturity in Your Team with These Free Tools SAP AppHaus launched an updated version of the Innovation Toolkit - a collection of FREE resources with step-by-step guidance on how to kickstart innovation in your organization. We share 3 collaborative virtual tools from this collection to boost the UX maturity of your team.

User Research – Resource Roundup

User research provides an essential foundation for the user experience (UX) of any successful digital transformation: Designing without user research is guesswork. This blog post provides a structured overview of methodological pieces, expert insights, and success stories.

Here's what our community is saying so far

This series wouldn’t exist without the great community engagement. Here’s some of the great feedback we’ve gotten so far about the series:

 …“This is the blog I was looking for. In the meantime, there was so much information that I was confused.”
(3 Tips to Stay Informed about User Experience and Design Topics at SAP)

…“Thanks for pointing me towards the Fiori UX courses. I just completed the Intelligent Enterprise User Experience with SAP Fiori 3” course!”
(Our Top 7 Picks for User Experience Trainings on openSAP)

…“Thanks for sharing such great content… Agree fully that it is the change to culture that is key to unlocking innovation.”
(Boost UX Maturity in Your Team with These Free Tools)


Follow along and boost your UX skills

Navigating the sea of content that is the World Wide Web isn’t always easy, and neither is keeping up with a blog series. But we broke it down for you with two easy ways to follow along:

  1. Bookmark the user tag “UX transformation toolkit” or,

  2. Bookmark this blog post. It will get updated every time there’s a new blog post available.

UX teams, share your expert insights with us

We know many of you in the SAP Community have insights and experiences of your own from working on UX projects, and we want to share them. If you are interested in contributing a new topic or even an existing blog post to this series, reach out to me, andrea.waisgluss.

Do you have a customer or partner success story that you and your team want to share? Check out the adjoining UX champions series to see if you would be a good fit.

In the meantime, happy reading!