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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
For 2017, I expect that SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference will be the best ever. There has been an amazing amount of product innovation in the past year, which will be highlighted at the event. Our customers and partners have great stories to tell about how they simplified the SAP user experience.


This blog summarizes some of the presentations you may want to add to your agenda. Please check the schedule as there are more sessions than could fit on a summary list.


For those of you new to the Agenda Builder, here is a quick tutorial:

  • To find all the ASUG sessions on user experience: In the Filters selector on the left side, click on “ASUG Tracks”. Scroll down to User Experience (towards the bottom), check the box, and then close the filter.

  • To find all the SAP sessions on user experience: In the Filters selector on the left side, click on “Digital Enterprise Platform”, select the box for User Experience, then close the filter.



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Session# /

Description Speaker
11:00-12:00 UX8775 Transforming the Government of Canada's user experience:
How do you enable digital transformation in government? Hear from the government of Canada about how the user experience for the new Fiori UX in SAP S/4 HANA is being used to reduce costs of change management and training through providing a better UX to their hundreds of thousands of users as part of the new SAP standard template for agencies.

Shaun Syvertsen – Convergent IS

Jonathan Andrews – Treasury Board of Canada
11:00-12:00 UX7155 SAP Fiori 2.0
In this session you will learn all about the design rationale behind SAP Fiori 2.0 and how it became available in SAP S/4HANA. What are the new features and how can they be used? What is the direction SAP Fiori is taking forward and what enhancements can we expect in the near future. If you are working with SAP Fiori or if you plan to start working with SAP Fiori, this session will give you all information you need to plan your design and front-end development. We may have a customer on stage.

Michael Falk – SAP

12:30-1:30 UX7421 LP and SAP Screen Personas: Business Analysts Simplifying Logistics Processes
Louisiana Pacific building products has 22 manufacturing mills in North America, shipping engineered wood products to customers. The forklift operators are responsible for completing the delivery and shipments in SAP. Through Personas, with very little technical knowledge of programming, LP has made the order fulfillment requirements for completing the orders a simple easy to follow user experience.
Melissa Duke – Louisiana Pacific
Doug Powell – Louisiana Pacific
12:30-1:30 DT44046 Unlock Customer Value Through Digital Transformation and Design Thinking
Embed a culture of innovation and creativity across your organization. Reimagine the future of your organization through a variety of design-thinking offerings.
Sam Yen, SAP
2:00-3:00 UX8470 ExxonMobil’s SAP Screen Personas Success: From 8 hours to couple of clicks
Are you thinking about using SAP Screen Personas? Would you like to see how you can add great value to your business? Do you want to hear how it helped us automate a very time consuming process? Join this session to see how ExxonMobil reduced the workload when blocking massive numbers of invoices in F110 transaction, from many hours of effort to just a few clicks. See how we are saving many hours a month without changing any standard SAP code, creating programs or writing new business logic.
Danielle Nascimiento – ExxonMobil
Guilherme Ramalho – ExxonMobil
2:00-3:00 UX6945 SAP Fiori launchpad: all about the single point of entry on prem / in cloud
Many customers are starting their journey towards an SAP Fiori User Experience. SAP Fiori launchpad is the essential building block of this journey, providing users a unified and coherent single point of entry. Join this session to learn about SAP Fiori launchpad deployment options for cloud and on premise, such as ABAP server, SAP Portal and HANA Cloud Portal. Learn how to achieve a harmonized user experience across platforms and how to leverage your existing investments best in this area.
Ingo Deck – SAP
Oliver Graeff – SAP
11:00-12:00 UX7159 SAP CoPilot - a Digital Assistant for Enterprises
SAP CoPilot offers enterprise users contextual collaboration features and quick actions, enabling them to complete tasks more efficiently and comfortable, all while being aware of the current business context. Learn how SAP want to apply recent advances in machine learning and natural language processing to enable SAP Fiori users fulfilling their tasks more intuitively.
Michael Falk -- SAP

SAP UX Community meetup

Meet some of your peers from the ASUG UX Special Interest Group and Influence Council

12:30-1:30 UX6809 How Lockheed Martin Uses SAPUI5 to Create a Better Training Experience
Lockheed Martin uses the SAP Enterprise LSO to provide training for 100k learners across the enterprise.  Many of these learners are on the go and require access to the learning system via mobile devices.  Our solution was to enhance the learning experience by providing the ability to manage training via any device utilizing Fiori design guidelines and SAPUI5. With these tools we were able to create a modern responsive UI that is intuitive, functional, and device agnostic.
Rob Becker – Lockheed Martin
Steve Sweeny – Lockheed Martin
2:00-3:00 UX8212 Boston University takes User Experience and Fiori to the Next Level
Take the journey with Boston University through their successes and hurdles as they look to continually improve the User Experience.  Having already deployed SAP Fiori apps, hear how they are now pioneering a Design Thinking mindset into its overall strategy.  Learn how they introduced this with multiple project examples, and showcased the importance of the User Experience.  Finally, they will highlight how incorporating technologies such as Web IDE and BUILD helped accelerate their innovations.
David Boloz – Boston University
Greg Weldon – Boston University
2:00-3:00 UX6773 Renewing your SAP UX - become simple with SAP Fiori Cloud
SAP Fiori Cloud provides a simple, cloud-based deployment option for the SAP Fiori apps and launchpad.
Join this session to learn about the different deployment options for the Fiori UX and how SAP Fiori Cloud can help you simplifying your SAP Fiori implementation journey.
Aviad Rivlin – SAP
3:30-4:30 UX6684 Implementation of SAP Fiori at Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Blood Services started their journey for providing improved and efficient user interface to their employees and managers with the implementation of SAP ESS/MSS in 2013. The journey continued with the implementation of SAP Fiori to overcome the limitations of ESS/MSS and to provide simple, modern and responsive user experience to their internal users in 2015. In this session, Canadian Blood Services will discuss their experiences with the implementation of SAP Fiori and lessons learned.
Muhammad Kamran Ashraf – Canadian Blood Services
Jonathan Gregson – Canadian Blood Services


Getting started on your Fiori journey in ECC today
For the past several years, Fiori has been SAP’s design paradigm. Yet, many customers lack the system requirements to deliver Fiori apps to their users. In this session, we will demo how to create the Fiori experience using SAP Screen Personas, even on older ECC versions. We will focus on creating intuitive screens that deliver measurable ROI by improving user productivity, reducing error rates, and decreasing training costs.
Peter Spielvogel – SAP
Sebastian Steinhauer – SAP


Live Business Theater
Further a Culture of Innovation in the Enterprise
Enable innovation in your enterprise using design and design thinking. Link markets and industries into a fabric that is customer focused. Find out how elements of design, such as a problem-finding approach, focus on the user, and a fail-early/ fail-fast mind-set, accelerate innovation and an innovative culture.
Sam Yen – SAP


S320 Roundtable Corridor - Table #5

Accelerating SAP UX projects with pre-built content and templates in Screen Personas

Join this roundtable discussion about how to fast-track your user experience transformation using content from the SAP Screen Personas Flavor Gallery. We will discuss templates, themes, icon libraries, as well as sample flavors.
Peter Spielvogel – SAP
Sebastian Steinhauer – SAP
12:30-1:30 UX6733 Weyerhaeuser’s UX Step by Step Process to Resolve Billing Issues
Weyerhaeuser created a Billing Corrections process that walks the user through seven different correction scenarios in a step by step process. One example reduced the current return/resale process from 11 different transactions to a six step process developed in UI5. These processes were simplified that less experienced people could resolve pricing or purchase order number changes. We accomplished this by expanding our design thinking skills beyond the basics by learning from our UX Intern.
Clay Thomson – Weyerhaeuser
2:00-3:00 UX6536 From paper to electronic approved Purchase Requisitions, using SAP Fiori
Learn how the Municipality of Halton Region transformed their manual, paper driven purchase requisition process, into a fully automated and delightful user experience for all their users using SAP Fiori.You will gain an understanding of the thought process as to why SAP Fiori was the chosen solution to help define a new user experience moving forward for the Region. In addition, you will view a demo of the new, improved SAP Fiori driven process
Belkis Barrios – Municipality of Halton Region
2:00-3:00 UX7504 BUILD roadmap – from prototyping to productive App
Learn how new major features in BUILD allow non-technical users to create fully functioning cloud applications without writing code.
Velvan Trichy – SAP Labs
Nir Kol -- SAP
3:30-4:30 UX8040 SAP enabling Customers’ UX strategy - a real User Experience Platform
What is the best way to connect your user with your SAP systems to make successful?This session explains the key elements needed to provide users the best experience. It combines an update of SAP’s UX strategy and UI technology innovations. You'll see a new way of UI adaptation which is super intuitive, even for a non-developer. Mobile usage is key in the digital transformation. How and when to best use native or hybrid mobile UIs and how SAP HCP helps you will be explained as well.
Nis Boy Naeve, SAP


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