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Background: The UWL (Universal Worklist) functions through a baseline concept known as the UWL Destination Service Configuration.


Overview: You can define the connections to systems for Universal Worklist. These systems provide work items via UWL Connectors. The Universal Worklist Systems page is accessible from Portal via navigation to> System Administration > System Configuration > Universal Worklist and
> Universal Worklist Administration.

Common Issues:

  • "Cannot connect to the Provider" when you access tabs e.g. ESS/MSS
  • “Problem occurred while creating JCO client for destination: ABCXYZ”
  • “User is missing credentials for connecting to system alias: ABCXYZ”

Why: The RFC destinations have to be maintained so that the UWL can make functional calls to the backend applications. In most cases the exceptions outlined above appear as the calls to the backend fail due to a discrepancy in the configuration setup of the RFC destinations. Solution: SAP Note: 1133821 - UWL Destination Service Configuration.

By following the documentation above we can ensure that the RFC destination is missing or is not configured properly. After the note is implemented and the WebFlowConnector re-created the cache should be cleared and the backend re-registered.

Important: Check that after applying Note 1133821 the destination names and the UWL connector names exactly match, even considering
If your portal system alias (=UWL connector name) is for example XYZCLNT100, then the RFC destination name should be exactly XYZCLNT100$WebFlowConnector. Please correct the RFC destination accordingly.

After you have checked/prepared the RFC destination for the future use please delete that connector in the UWL config UI (Portal->System
Administration->System Configuration->Universal Worklist) with which you would like to use this RFC destination.

After that

  • Restart the portal cluster
  • Recreate and re-register connector

Now retest.  Are you still seeing the issue?

Summary: These steps are important for the connector to work properly.  So in the portal, there needs to be a deletion on the connector, a restart of the portal cluster, then a recreate and re-register so that the new connector interacts with the RFC destination.