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As a Product Manager for HCP, focusing on IoT, I have been asked to do a lot of CodeJams.  Most of the CodeJams have been on Getting Started on SAP HCP, but with the new release of the SAP IoT Services, we can do IoT CodeJams. For the CodeJams and other events, we need a step by step process on how to get started.  Using Michael Ameling's great how to” post as a starting point, and trying to re-use as much of his team's code as possible, I created a number of tutorials.  And since I also wanted to help people get started before they had hardware, I added in how to test your IoT Services using Postman (a REST Client).  If you, never used one of these, it will help get you started with APIs.

I shared them with colleagues to get them proofed and tested.  They gave me great feedback and then passed them around internally here at SAP. So I figured that I could just post them here and share with the wider SAP Community.

Here they are:

  1. Getting Started with the IoT Services-  Just like is says, this gets you going.
  2. Connecting a Java HTML UI5 GUI-  Creating a simple graph and how to upload it.
  3. Connecting a UI5 GUI using WebIDE- This uses the SAP WebIDE to build everything. -added details on how have both the WebIDE and Java working
  4. Nodejs and Python- Writing the python or node.js code that you will need.
  5. Building up the hardware- Using a Tessel-
  6. Completing the Round Trip-  Using the messaging to send messages to your devices.- coming soon


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