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The SAP HANA cockpit provides administrators with all the tools they need to monitor, configure, manage, and optimize SAP HANA. A number of dedicated apps are available for managing security-related settings, including users and roles.

You'll find these security-related apps quickly on the System Overview page by filtering by the area "Security".

While the Security tiles already give you an overview of your current settings related to auditing, encryption, and SSO configuration, for example, they're also your entry point a range of apps.

Here's a quick overview:

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Data Encryption Configuration

  • Switch on/off data volume encyption, log volume encryption, or backup encryption

  • Manage your encryption root keys

  • See the status of your SSFS master keys

Managing Server-Side Data Encryption

  • Switch on/off auditing

  • Configure audit trail targets

  • Create audit policies

  • View and manage the audtit trail (database table only)

Auditing Database Activity
Password Policy and Blacklist

  • View and configure the database's password policy and password blacklist

Configure the Password Policy and Blacklist
Anonymization Report

  • View calculation views in your database with anonymization node views

  • Download anonymization information for documentation purposes

Data Anonymization
Certificate Store

  • Import the certficates of trusted communication partners into the database's in-memory certificate store

Import a Trusted Certificate into the Certificate Store
Certificate Collections

  • Create in-memory certficate collections to be used for various purposes in your database, for example, securing communication with external clients, or authenticating users using SAML assertions or JWT

  • Add certificates from the certificate store to collections

Create a Certificate Collection
Network Security Information

  • View information on security-critical network settings

Network Security Details
User Management

  • See all the users in your database, their status and authentication settings

  • Configure users, for example, for SSO using SAML or JWT, or for LDAP authorization

  • Create new users

  • Delete, deactivate, reactivate users

Create a Database User
Assign Roles

  • Grant all kinds of roles to users (catalog, HDI, repository)

Assign Roles to a Database User
Assign Privileges

  • Grant all kinds of privileges to users (system, object, analytic, application, package)

Assign Privileges to a User
Manage Roles

  • See all the roles in your database and which privileges they contain

  • Create new catalog roles

Create a Catalog Role
Manage User Groups

  • See all the user groups in your database, how they're configured and which users they contain

  • Create new user groups

  • Add new or existing users to groups

  • Configure a dedicated password policy for user groups

Create a User Group
SAML Identity Providers

  • See all the SAML identity providers in your database and add new ones

Add a SAML Identity Provider
JWT Identity Providers

  • See all the JWT identity providers in your database and add new ones (New with SP 08!)

Add a JWT Identity Provider