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Note: This is a guest blog post from Alex Loddengaard, product marketing manager at Atlassian.


SAP StreamWork lets groups of people drive fast, meaningful results by combining conversations and context into "activities" that guide workgroups toward making informed decisions. Conversations in a SAP StreamWork activity are efficient, because a work activity contains all relevant information in one location, ready to be interacted with, changed, or discussed. Software developers and product managers have become familiar with using issue trackers and wikis, but now have a new opportunity to become more productive using SAP StreamWork.


Enter JIRA and Confluence


Atlassian makes the world's most popular enterprise wiki and issue tracker, Confluence and JIRA respectively. Today we're announcing that SAP StreamWork now integrates with both JIRA and Confluence, allowing SAP StreamWork users to embed gadgets into an activity, gain a greater level of insight, and come to decisions more efficiently and quickly. For example, the following JIRA gadget can be embedded in SAP StreamWork, showing the rate at which issues are created and resolved. Such a gadget would help a software development team understand their backlog and general development rates.

As for Confluence, the following gadget can be embedded in SAP StreamWork, allowing a user to quickly search or browse wiki content.


Many other gadgets for both JIRA and Confluence can be embedded. To see what else is possible, take a look at the Atlassian OpenSocial tour.


Learning more about JIRA and Confluence


We've included below two quick videos showing Confluence and JIRA in action. Please take a look if you're interested in learning more.



Installing Atlassian Gadgets in SAP StreamWork


To install Atlassian's OpenSocial gadgets in SAP StreamWork, have your SAP StreamWork organizational admin click Developers > Upload OpenSocial Gadgets > Method Registration > Register OpenSocial Gadget. You'll be prompted for a gadget description, which should be a URL. Atlassian tools provide several different gadgets. Follow the instructions here to pick which gadget you're interested in and copy and paste the gadget URL into the SAP StreamWork "Gadget description field." Click the "Load" button. On the next screen, fill in the appropriate gadget details, and finally click "Submit."


Once your admin has added the appropriate gadgets, end users can click Tools Catalog > Partner Tools and select the gadgets they're interested in adding.