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In this blog post I will try to explain how one can use Cloud Connector to establish a connectivity between the SAP BTP and an on premise system.

  • Environment Pre-requisites:

    • SAP ABAP system

    • SAP Cloud Connector

    • SAP BTP

Assumption : You have created a SAP BTP account .

I am covering the following scenario which can be represented by below diagram


1. What is Cloud connector ?

Cloud Connector is an application that can be installed on a Windows, Linux, Mac OS operating system. It creates a secure connection to the SAP BTP , so that products on SAP BTP can communicate securely with systems in a on-premise landscape.


2. Installation of Cloud connector

Please use below link to install cloud connector . The details are provided under the cloud connector section.

SAP Development Tools (


3. Once installed on your local machine , you can open the cloud connector via the link  .

Open link: https://localhost:XXXX

XXXX - is the port configured .

Click “ADVANCED” button

Click “Proceed to local host”


login with the user name as Administrator and your password.


Add a BTP account on the cloud connector



Configure your on premise system on the cloud connector under this sub account .

Choose the option 'Cloud To on premise'


It starts a wizard as below .



Select protocol , I choose HTTPS


Give the actual hostname and port name of your ABAP system. Check T-code SMICM


I provide dummy host name and port for this SAP address which we will use to configure Destination on SAP BTP.

Next steps choose as below


Click Finish

Create resources accessible

Select created Mapping and click “+” button in tab “Resources Accessible”

Enter the URL path mentioned below with access policy as “Path and all sub-paths” one by one and save it:


But you can add other paths as well.

You can check the status of connection as below , it is reachable .

The end result achieved so far is that we have connected the on premise system to the SAP BTP environment via cloud connector .


4. Creation of Destination for on-premise SAP system on SAP BTP

On the SAP BTP account , please click on the destinations under connectivity .

Add new destination for sap system which was added in the cloud connector

Once done , you can check the connection status by clicking on the check connection .


Conclusion :

So now we are connect the on premise SAP system to the SAP BTP application via the cloud connector .

Moving further users are encouraged to explore the options to fetch data from the on premise system and host on the SAP BTP

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