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Many times when you are setting up live connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and an on premise hana or BW system, you will get a generic 'failed to connect to system' error when attempting to create the connection. To get the actual error message or problem, use Chrome developer tools.

I'm going to give these steps for live BW but live HANA is similar.


The first step in troubleshooting this is to understand the network traffic between the browser and the BW system.


First, see if you can access the ina service on BW.


Paste this into your browser:

https://<bw IP>:<https port>/sap/bw/ina/auth?sap-client=001


If you are using a self-signed certificate you may see this:

Self signed certificates are very common when we are using test or POC systems

You will need to click advanced and then click 'proceed to <system>'

This is a security feature of the browser and you will need to do that at the start of  your session when using self signed certificates


Log onto Analytics cloud, go to the connections area and load Chrome developer tools With Ctrl + Shift + I

Then click on the network tab


Create the new connection


Enter the BW details and click OK


Look for red lines in the network trace. Typically I see a request to 'GetServerInfo' which returns an error of some type. This will help us determine what is actually wrong.


From there, take that error message and start googling the kbase at


I hope this helps
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