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We often get feedback from our SAP Community members regarding the time-consuming process to configure SAP Intelligent RPA subaccounts in SAP Business Technology Platform. As always, we listen to our community and we now introduce a new solution to speed up the setup and subscription of Trial subaccounts in SAP Business Technology Platform.

Manually configuring a new Trial subaccount can take up to 30 minutes and result in errors. This is why we encourage you to use Boosters to automatically set up everything on your behalf, so you can start using the product immediately !

Indeed, Boosters automate cockpit tasks such as checking prerequisites, quotas management, role assignment and more, helping you save you time when onboarding to the SAP Intelligent RPA Trial.

In this blog post, I will show you how you can quickly get started with your SAP Intelligent RPA Trial account by automatically subscribing using Booster in SAP Business Technology Platform Cockpit.

First, open your Trial global account in Business Technology Platform Cockpit.

In the navigation area of your account, click Boosters to find the booster you'll use to set up your subaccount.

Select the Intelligent RPA Booster to open the Overview page and then click the Start button.

Wait until the Booster has finished setting up your Trial subaccount.


Congratulations ! Your subaccount has been created in a snap and it is as simple as that !

Once the booster completed all tasks successfully, go to your subaccount by clicking on the button Navigate to subaccount.

In the navigation area of your subaccount, click Instances and Subscriptions to find your subscriptions to Intelligent RPA.

Click the icon to navigate to the Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory. You can now use this new Trial account to discover all functionalities provided by SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation.


Stay tuned ! A tutorial video on using Booster for SAP Intelligent RPA Trial will soon be available from our SAP Help Portal. For more information, check out our new guided tutorial in the SAP Help Portal.

This is a huge step forward for improving your trial account setup experience. Go and try this booster to get familiar with SAP Intelligent RPA and share with us your experience !

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