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In a blog summarizing his Strategy Talk from Tech Ed, Sam Yen discussed how “consumerization of IT, a simple and intuitive user experience is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It’s table stakes.”  Further, he stated that a major challenge faced by both our customers, and SAP is, “How do we Scale User Experience in the Enterprise?” when enterprise UX is not as simple as consumer UX.

“User Experience as a Service” (UXaaS) is SAP’s answer to this problem. UXaaS is the future of Fiori applications. As part of RDS, this community is constantly looking to design, develop, and deploy the perfect Fiori applications. UXaaS is a cloud offering of tools and content that will enable customers to scale great user experience in their organization using the DISCOVER, DESIGN, DEVELOP, DEPLOY lifecycle.As you know, Web IDE and SAP Fiori have already successfully established themselves as the tools that SAP customers and partners use to rapidly Develop and Deploy solutions.   UXaaS now allows for the rapid customization of solutions with the user centered design approach.

At SAP Tech Ed 2015, SAP announced a new products, BUILD, to address the critical  Design phase wherein the opportunity to delight users is the highest and the cost to make changes the lowest.

BUILD is the integrated research and prototyping tool that enables users to quickly create interactive enterprise application prototypes without a single line of code. The product also offers user validation tools so prototypes can be validated by their end users. Further, behind every prototype created is real UI5 starter code, which can be used by developers as the basis for the final enterprise application. BUILD is the ideal prototyping tool for SAP project teams.

How does it work? BUILD allows you to create an application that starts with all of the Fiori controls, patterns, and floor plans at your fingertips. Leverage a template discovered in the SPLASH gallery, upload hand-sketches to make them clickable, or even drag and drop UI components from to create an app from scratch.

BUILD is open source. BUILD was designed for rapid iteration. We don't want to be the bottleneck of ideas, requirements, and features. The best way to convey this it to welcome contributions from anyone!

Visit to learn more and sign up for the public beta release of the product. See SAP's newest prototyping tool for yourself. 

Splash was built to support non-designers with a gallery of inspirational application prototypes that can be quickly downloaded and leveraged for new applications. Splash addresses the Discovery portion of UXaaS. Visit Splash at to learn more.

From Design through Deployment, the future of enterprise UX is here.  We are excited to add BUILD and Splash to support SAP’s Hana Cloud Platform.

You can also follow us on Twitter  @BuildwithBuild and @Sap_SPLASH for the latest news and updates.

You can also read Sam Yen’s entire blog post here to see more about SAP’s UXaaS strategy.

We welcome all of your questions and input in the comments section below!