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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As you already know that SAP recently announced the launch of SAP Mobile Start – a native mobile app that serves as an entry point for users to access various applications and contents. You can use the SAP Document Management iOS application to connect to SAP Mobile Start. With this use the deep link URLs to launch documents and folders directly through emails or through the link that you shared in any mode.

For detailed information on the SAP Mobile Start, read this blog post.

Business Use Case:

In case you want to provide access to the important documents or folders to all your users, you can configure a direct URL to that document or a folder in SAP Cloud Portal Service (Standard Plan) or SAP Launchpad Service (Trial Plan). In the SAP Mobile Start, it can be made available to all users whom you would like to share it with. To accomplish this, it is necessary to follow some configurations that I have explained in the following sections.

Before you start, kindly request you to meet the following preparatory steps:


  1. You have successfully set up the Cloud Portal Service. For more information, follow the steps mentioned in this help portal link.

  2. You have successfully configured the SAP Mobile Start and configured content in the SAP Launchpad Service. For more information on the setup, see the Configuration Guide.

  3. Use the Cloud Portal Service – Site Manager - Content Manager to onboard the SAP Document Management iOS application on the dashboard. For more information, see Integrate Apps and Shell Plugins.


Step 1: Onboarding SAP Document Management  iOS Application

Navigate to the Site Manager - Content Manager in the SAP Cloud Portal Service.

Navigating to Content Manager

Add the following details while you are adding an application to the Cloud Portal Service.

  1. Title - All My Documents

  2. URL to Launch App - “docmanagement://

  3. URL to install App - “

All My Documents Application


Note: You can also give the path to a specific folder under the URL to launch the app.
i.e. docmanagement://v1/open?rep=e9bd7beb-2201-43b4-a672-74115cbe9101&obj=flrv_wjx47bd6pYt1_ZitkPr8SCuOR1...

Step 2: Create Role and Group in Site Manager - Content Manager.

In this section, you will have to create a role and group and then assign the onboarded SAP Document Management application to a defined role and group as well.

Creating Role and Group


Step 3: Add Application to the Role that You Created.

Select the Role --> Click Edit --> Choose Application from the assignment section --> Click Save.

Add Applications


Step 4: Repeat the above Step for Group as well. 

You need to assign the SAP Document Application in the Group that you created.

Select the Group --> Click Edit --> Choose Application from the assignment section --> Click Save.

Assign Application to the Group


Step 5: Assign the same role for your Site under Site Manager

You need to assign the same role to your site under the site manager which is used to SAP Mobile Start registration.

Selecting Your Site in the Site Directory


Assigning Role to your Site

Step 6: Assigning Role in a subaccount of SAP BTP cockpit.

You need to add the role created to access this mobile application in the SAP BTP Cockpit as well under the Role Collections.

      Role Collections in the SAP BTP Cockpit



After successful configuration of the application in content manager (SAP Cloud Portal Service), the application will be visible in SAP Mobile Start under applications sections.

To view, install, or register SAP Mobile Start (SMS) application from the content site (Site Directory) by navigating to Profile --> Settings --> SAP Mobile Start Application --> Register with your user details by using a QR code.

Navigate to your site


Registering SAP Mobile Start Application


Use the SAP Mobile Start application to access the SAP Document Management iOS application.

List of Applications


Account Configurations for the App



URLs for App-to-App Integration of Document Management Service

Cloud Portal Service & Mobile Start guides.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, and I am looking forward to your feedback through comments. Your feedback is important to me.

Stay up to date with the latest news and post your questions or feedback about SAP Mobile Start in the Q&A area. Start by visiting your SAP Document Management Service community page and click “follow”. I'll be publishing more informative blog posts.

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