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This is a short blog to show how the SAP Analytics Cloud Choropleth Map can used with SAP Data Warehouse Live Connection.

New Functionality:

With the Release 2022.18 SAP Analytics Cloud now supports the Choropleth Layer in Maps for the Live Connection to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The Choropleth Layer enables business users to analyze their data by geographical area (Country, State, Region, City).

Modeling in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud:

To show how this works, I created a small example. I have an analytical view with global information about buildings and their assigned area:

Master Data – Dimensions and Measures

First, we need the geo-coordination information on the building level. This information is in my Example available in the master data of the building with the longitude and the latitude fields. Based on this information I created a dimension view with a Building Location ID:

Master Data – Geo Information

For this we create a calculated column for the geo-coordinates in the dimension view:

create Geo-Coordinates Column

Define Geo-Coordinates Column

The dimensions view now provides the following information about the building:

Dimension View - Output

In order to be able to use this information in the SAP Analytics Cloud as well, the dimension view is assigned as an association in the analytical reporting view:

Association of Dimension View


Use of geo-information in SAP Analytics Cloud:

With this preparatory work in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, we can now use the geo-information about the building in the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Define Layer Type and Location Dimension


In the Map you can now make flexible analysis and data exploration with the dynamic drill-down from country to city. You can now use the given hierarchy to drill down on the level you want to see. The map is linked with the table in the right side so that you can see the individual buildings of the level you are on in detail.

Show Measure per Country

Drill down to State

Drill down to Region

Drill down to City

Drill down to Location


Business Value:

  • Powerful geo-visualization with a broad selection of geo-maps and live connectivity to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Simple Reuse of geo-enriched data from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Flexible Analytics and Data Exploration with dynamic drill-down from country to city to location