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As an app developer, we always look to make use of vast collection of existing NativeScript plugins to enhance our mobile application. So, I want to use this blog post to help you to achieve that with SAP Mobile Development Kit app.

SAP Mobile Development Kit, which is using NativeScript framework, supports basically any Non-UI NativeScript library. You can include any non-UI NativeScript plugins to your MDK custom client project and consume the plugin via MDK rules at runtime.

To guide you on this, we have now added a new MDK Showcase app: Print And QRCode App, which will demonstrate how you can include and consume multiple NativeScript plugins.

With this showcase app, you will learn to do the following different scenarios:

  1. Include different NativeScript plugins in your MDK client project

  2. Import the plugins' module at runtime in your MDK JavaScript rules.

  3. Use the module API to generate QR Code and trigger OS level printing.

Here is what the app looks like:

In iOS

Generated QR Code in iOS


Printing in iOS

In Android:

Generated QR Code in Android


Printing in Android

Do note that this showcase app is currently only meant for mobile platform, as NativeScript plugins are only supported in iOS and Android.

We will create more blog posts like this to introduce showcase app that helps you learn to make the best use of MDK to develop your app.

If you have any feedback or thoughts, please do add them in the comment section.

If you have any questions about MDK in general, please do check out the Q&A in the mobile development kit SAP Community and post any questions.

This app is made available under the SAP Sample Code license, which essentially means it is provided as-is, no warranties. Feel free to grab and reuse the portions of the app that seem useful to you.