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With SAP NetWeaver 7.55 (S/4HANA On-Premise 2020), we started to rebuild our monitoring UIs. With the introduction of our new monitoring UIs built in SAP Fiori, it was time to get rid of technical information in the display. In SAP Application Interface Framework, the combination of namespace, interface name, and version is commonly used to identify and display an interface. Since this is highly technical information and without additional knowledge, users don’t know which interface the interface keys are used for. To improve this situation, SAP Application Interface Framework introduced the interface display name.

Where is the interface display name used?

The interface display name allows developers to replace the typical interface keys with a user-friendly name and it’s used in all SAP Application Interface Framework Fiori monitoring apps:

  • Message Monitoring Overview and Message Monitoring

  • Message Monitoring for Integration Experts

  • Message Monitoring for Administrators

How to define the interface display name?

The interface display name can be defined for each interface in the namespace specific features.


If you open the Message Monitoring Overview app, you see a card for every interface you’re assigned to in SAP Application Interface Framework. If no interface display name was defined for the interface, the interface keys are displayed. In this example, the interface keys are the following:
• Namespace: DEMO_1
• Interface name: FCUSTOMER
• Interface version: 1

Message Monitor Overview with interface keys

As soon as an interface display name is defined for an interface, it’s displayed instead of the interface keys. In this example, the interface display name is set to “Flight Customer”.

Message Monitor Overview with interface display name


How can you define the interface display name?

Go to Customizing for SAP Application Interface Framework via transaction /AIF/CUST and navigate to SAP Application Interface Framework -> Error Handling -> Define Namespace-Specific Features.

Select your namespace and press Enter.

Select your namespace

The Customizing view opens with the “Define Interface-Specific Features” view. In field Interface Display Name on the right hand side of the screen, enter the name you want to use for your interface.

Enter the new interface display name

Save your changes.

Open one of the Fiori monitoring apps. Instead of the interface keys, the interface display name is displayed.

Message Monitor Overview with defined interface display name

You now know how to define and where to use the newly introduced interface display name.

More general information, other blog posts and SAP Help Portal landing page can be found on the SAP Community topic page for SAP Application Interface Framework.