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During lockdown many football clubs were forced to stop training, competitions got cancelled and leagues had to stop playing. So for most of the athletes practicing was impossible, the staff had to suffer from huge organizational and bureaucratic measures which needed to get implemented.

A challenge for teams and clubs.

During this time SAP Sports One is revealing its true power and helps the clubs to get faster back into training mode and simplifies organizational processes.

This blog-post is for administrators and team-managers that are working with the system and are looking for best practices.

Typical examples:

  • With well-being questionnaires players & staff reply before arrival in the facilities their medical situations (e.g. do they have any symptoms related to an infection or the result of a covid-quick-test).

  • PCR tests are scheduled as appointment and tests in the performance-diagnostics tool.
    This helped many clubs to reduce the team-size to smaller groups and reduced the amount of contacts per person. Players only arrived in their scheduled slots.

  • SAP Team One with its Calender function informed each player of his individual slot.

  • Traceability of all events is simply handled as all data is tracked in the central SAP Sports One instance.

  • In case of a necessity pre-defined SAP Analytics Cloud storys / reports are send to the local governmental health department with information about infections, contact-persons, timestamps to reduce the amount of persons to be qurantained.

  • Player vaccinations are traced in the medical module to better understand about potential risks and when an additional vaccination (booster) is required.

  • In case players are tested positive and send in qurantine the SAP Player Fitness module informs coaching staff automatically when a player will re-join the team training sessins.

  • With the AppleHealth  / Google Fit Kit coaches had the possibility to send individual training plans to the athletes (including video tutorials) in case that had to train individually.

As you can see SAP Sports One offers a lot of tools and scenarios for "digital athletes" and it can help teams to stay active and in business during these challenging times.

I hope that these best practices are usefull in your daily work. In case you are looking for more guidance how SAP Sports One can help teams and how to setup these scenarios in the most efficient way - feel free to contact me.