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  • You would like to upload roles from ABAP back-end system into Portal in order to bring the R/3 navigation structures into the portal.

  • This blog is to introduce you with detail steps of how to import ABAP back-end roles into Portal.


    1. You have already created a system to connect to a specified ABAP back-end application server according to: Creating Systems and ensure system alias has been added according to: Managing System Aliases .

    2. Log on Portal using administrator user.

    3. In the Portal Catalog, right click on the folder that will contain the uploaded role, from context menu choose New -> Role -> Role from Back End. The New Role from Back End wizard appears.

    4. Search for the role or roles that you require, using the "Search In" dropdown list to select the alias of the back-end system, and the "Search For" field to define the ID of the role that you want to upload.

    5. Click on Go button, all IDs that match the search criteria are listed in the Available Roles column of the displayed table. The name of each role is displayed as a tooltip on each entry.

    6. Select one or more roles for upload. You can use the Ctrl key to select multiple roles.

    7. Add the roles to the Selected Roles list using the Add and Add All buttons, as appropriate. See below snapshot for example:
      Note: You can rename a selected role by changing its name in the Role Name column.
      role upload 2.JPG

    8. Click on "Start Upload" button and you will see upload progress bar showing percentage.

    9. Click on "Finish" button after you verified each role that selected to upload are listed in table "Uploaded Roles" with "Status" column value show as "Uploaded".

    10. Now you can see the uploaded roles are displayed in the selected Portal Catalog folder.

    For more details about the role upload you can view the Thread Report:
    1. System Administration -> Transport -> Role Upload
    2. You can see available reports in Directory roleupload, select on any report and click on "Display report" will show more detail information.
    3. Click on "Download" link next to the report name will enable you download the report for uploaded role.
    role upload 4.JPG