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If you are a user of the SAP Gateway Demo Consumption Service (ES4) - here is some exciting news for you.

One of the 2017 Developer Relations projects is to update the ES4 system to a current release of Gateway.  The project is off to a good start, and so we are announcing our ideas and soliciting feedback.

The current system is running SAP Gateway 7.4, and although it's still very current, we can't use it to demonstrate some of the new features in 7.5 and above.  So, in consultation with the Gateway team, we have chosen to create a new SAP Gateway instance, using the 7.5 release.

What's new in 7.5?

Gateway 7.5 has a number of new features.  Check out the release notes page.

What is the release schedule?

Our release plan is to build a new server separately from the existing ES4 server.  When the new server has been tested, we will publish a release plan.

The release plan has not been finalized, but it usually works like this.  The new system is set up, and users are allowed to create accounts on it.  (We don't migrate accounts, for logistical reasons, but setting up a new account takes about 2 minutes.)  60 days after the new system has been launched, the old system is retired.  If we find problems on the new system, we fix them, and then restart the 60 day countdown.

Our goal is to launch the new Gateway server in Q1 2017.  But that is still just an estimate, as we are waiting for hardware and software recommendations from our server team.  If they run in to problems, it may slip in to Q2.  We will keep you posted here on this blog page!


We welcome quesitons and feedback.  Feel free to ask questions here, or in the SAP Gateway community.