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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The latest releases of SAP Business Application Studio comes with many user experience improvements that will speed up your productivity 🎉.

In this article I would like to share with you some highlights of the latest releases

SAP Business Application Studio now uses Code-OSS, the open source used for building Visual Studio Code. From Now onwards you can benefit from all latest VSCode updates in SAP Business Application Studio

All business functionality is still available. Some basic IDE capabilities have been updated. Once you are used to the new UI, your development experience will be better and faster.

Get Started

SAP Business Application Studio provides the features needed for the entire life cycle of your application, from the moment you create the project until it is ready to be deployed. The Get Started page provides you contextual links useful to users at the beginning of their development cycle.

You can open The Get Started page

  • Get Started page is displayed ,when you open your dev space

  • or enter GetStarted in the command palette

  • or Help  Get Started

Guided Development

The Guided Development tool provides guidance to perform development tasks based on the best practices defined by SAP experts. The tool provides guides and suggests snippets, commands, and tools you should run to complete your task.

Example Fiori guided development

Look & Feel of Side bar

In the Left side Activity Bar you can find useful Tools Such as Git Source Control ,Service Centre (To Load SAP Internal ,External Data sources), Run configurations,Extensions...

Menu Bar

To simplify user experience, New Business Application Studio provides Below Menu options

File, View , Run …

Open Project

Open Existing Projects Folder

If you are storing all projects ,workspaces to Project folder you can open as below


  1. From the left-side menu, select File Open Folder....

  2. Select the desired project and click Open. The project opens as the root folder in the file explorer.



Use the project explorer to browse the contents of your current workspace.

Projects are displayed in the file explorer within a workspace or as stand-alone folders.

The Explorer view that displays the projects, folders of your current workspace.

Add folders, projects to workspace

You can Add Folders or Other Projects to workspace by choosing desired folder

Choose Desired folder to add to your current workspace . For example i am choosing demoui5  project folder & click on OK

Now you can view both projects in current workspace

You can notice both folder paths in workspace file

Open Workspace

You can open exiting workspace content of you workspace such as projects /folders if you organised to workspace



You can see Graphical Representation of application components & view associations

This Semantic View Of Project available for  Full Stack Dev Space.

You can also view CDS Entities Graphical View


Now You can navigate , Instantly to open files using arrows


Search functionality is easier to use. There are different Search capabilities in SAP Business Application Studio.You can perform a search from the Search view or from the Find widget in the editor.

You can search for files

By adding > you can search for commands



To open the Search view, select View  Search from the left-side menu.

Search across files

You can search over all files in the currently opened folder. Press Ctrl+Shift+F and enter your search term.

Advanced search options

You can enter patterns to include or exclude from the search.

If you enter a word, a search will be performed on every folder and file with the name of the word you entered in the workspace.

If you enter ./ before the word, that will match the folder name at the top level of your workspace.

Use an exclamation mark ! to exclude those patterns from the search.

Use a comma , to separate multiple patterns.

Status Bar

Status Bar displays same information as before .You can also report incident , share feedback

Improved Terminal

Multiple terminals are handy & easy to navigate just like in VSCode.

Now Terminal will now added to the list instead of Tabs

New Project Creation from Template

From Get Started Page or View --> Command Palette --> New Project from Template you can create Projects based on requirement


Application Information of Generated Project 

After Project Generated  you will get below page with helpful options for development of application

Fiori Application Information page


UI5 Application Information

Layout Editor


Display the content of an XML view in the layout editor to see it in a way that closely corresponds to how it will appear in your finished application.


For more details you can see here Business Application Studio/9d1db9835307451daa8c930fbd9ab264/90ba99ae9af64f76a3da593e44ca5b9f.html


Fiori Tools


For further guidance on how to work with SAP Business Application Studio:

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you find this material useful, please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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