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Hello All,


As most of you know, with Analysis for Office 2.1 we have introduced client convergence.

  • i.e. Common client for Analysis Office and EPM , embedded with a single installer.

  • Where EPM Add-in is converted to EPM Plug-In

  • As shown in the below architecture


However with introduction of recently released Analysis for Office 2.8, there is a change in the architecture, as we have dropped EPM plugin code line and replaced it by EPM add-in.

  • i.e. EPM plugin has been removed from the picture and that only EPM add-in remains.

  • With this Customers who have developed “extension/custom development” on top of EPM add-in, will continue to work as part of convergence plan.

  • Now when you install EPM from AO 2.8 setup, this is launching EPM add-in setup and installing (in silent mode) EPM add-in SP36.

  • As shown in the below architecture



EPM Maintenance Plan

  • EPM add-in has no specific maintenance date and as a component of other products, it will be maintained until the latest maintenance date of one of the products it is part (BPC, Financial Consolidation and PCM are other dependent products using EPM)

  • The current maintenance dates for BPC is end of 2024, indeed, really the minimum. Also there are chances that the Financial Consolidation can be extended even after 2024 (thus EPM/BPC will be aligned as well)