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There has been a change to the way that users of SAP Cloud Platform, API Management get started with the Developer Portal on Trial, compared to the process described in previous guides. It has caused some confusion in the community, and so I wanted to address the proper steps here rather than have it cause further issues.

The good news is this won’t be a long blog as process has been simplified.

Warning: Please do not modify manually any of the Developer Portal User roles in the Cloud Cockpit, as it can and will cause issues with the onboarding process.

Getting Started

First make sure that you have already opened the API Portal, in order to onboard your user.

Open the developer portal page from the SAP CP cockpit.

Inside the Developer Portal, expand the Menu by clicking the Hamburger Icon. Then select Register.

This will bring you to the ‘Request registration’ page. Click the Register link, enter your information (most will be prefilled by your Cloud Identity), and click Ok.


This will kick off the self-registration process, and you needn’t do anything except wait for it to complete.

At this point you will be onboarded as the User Admin, as well as a Publishable Developer. If you expand the Menu at the left, you will see quite a few additional options available to you.

You are now onboarded and do not need to do anything else. Some notes about adding additional users:

On Trial Landscape – You are restricted to a single user on the developer portal, in order to create Applications and get API Keys, and you will not be able to add more users to your account.

On Productive Landscape – You will of course be able to add more users, who will either request registration in the same manner shown above, or you can manually add them with the “Add User” option under Manage Users. It is still recommended to not use the roles directly. The exception to this is if you are setting up users not through SAP Cloud Identity but through an IdP.

I hope this helps you to avoid any confusion or issues when using API Management!