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After several months of close collaboration and teamwork between the SAP and AWS teams, we have successfully achieved several milestones to support SAP HANA Cloud on ARM-based AWS Graviton processors. This is an ambitious joint effort between the SAP HANA Cloud and AWS engineering teams, including AWS’s consulting unit, AWS Professional Services. As we shared in our blog post last year, SAP and AWS have a longstanding partnership with thousands of joint customers. This effort to enable SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton is a cooperative strategic investment and supports our customer’s goal to become an intelligent, sustainable, enterprise.

This project encompasses migrating several different cloud building block components, including common infrastructure services and managed Kubernetes clusters as well as the SAP HANA database container itself. This represents approximately 300 services required to be ported to the ARM-based AWS Graviton infrastructure. The diagram below shows the components in-scope within SAP HANA Cloud and the SAP Business Technology Platform.

We are pleased to share that the SAP team has successfully deployed an SAP HANA database container on AWS Graviton in SAP HANA Cloud as part of a first end-to-end proof point. In addition, all key milestones planned have come together, including the migration of Gardener managed Kubernetes Cluster, Build infrastructure, and the deployment of containerized microservices via the SAP Common Service Infrastructure onto AWS Graviton. This successful milestone included thousands of unit and integration tests to validate the end-to-end capabilities.

The initial price-performance assessments of running SAP HANA Cloud on ARM-based AWS Graviton processors are in-line with our planned expectations to reduce total-cost-of-ownership as well as lower power consumption. As previously noted in our first blog, Graviton3-based instances use up to 60% less energy for the same performance than comparable EC2 instances. In the upcoming weeks, the team will focus on additional performance optimizations and testing the first selected SAP HANA Cloud-based applications on the AWS Graviton infrastructure.

Today, hundreds of SAP and BTP applications and cloud services, including SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud, as well as thousands of bespoke custom applications leverage SAP HANA Cloud as their database-as-a-service foundation. We anticipate the initial SAP HANA Cloud workloads on AWS Graviton infrastructure to be rolled-out in Q3 2023 in selected SAP HANA Cloud AWS regions and availability zones for specific applications and environments. It is our ambition to migrate the SAP HANA Cloud instances currently running on EC2-based AWS infrastructure to AWS Graviton, that will benefit from the improved efficiencies that Graviton is known for, such as price performance and reduction in overall carbon footprint.

There will remain one singular SAP HANA Cloud service, made available to deploy in the AWS Regions and Availability Zones of choice. The transition will be a seamless experience for our customers with the migrations performed during planned maintenance windows for all existing SAP HANA Cloud features and capabilities.

The development teams working on this initiative are proud and excited for what they have accomplished and more importantly, what this means for our joint customers in terms of price-performance, sustainability, and innovation. We would like to thank our colleagues at AWS for their continued support throughout this initiative. This close partnership with SAP and AWS is only the beginning and we are looking forward to continuing to co-innovate together in the future. Stay-tuned for our final update later this year once SAP HANA Cloud running on AWS Graviton becomes available.