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In November 2021 we officially announced the release of SAP Data Intelligence 3.2 on-premise edition, which among other things introduced new gen2 Pipeline operators, support for snowflake connection, and enhanced ABAP Data Format Conversions.

SAP also hosted its second virtual TechEd event in 2021, free to the public. There the Data Intelligence product team hosted several workshops that gave a limited amount of TechEd participants a guided hands-on experience on the latest version of SAP Data Intelligence and its new features.

Today I am excited to announce the release of the SAP Data Intelligence 3.2 trial edition on SAP CAL, accompanied by a self-guided version of the TechEd workshop and SAP developer portal.

With the trial edition, you can use all features of SAP Data Intelligence for 30 days. You are not charged for the usage of SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition. You only need to cover the expenses of the GCP cloud infrastructure.

The trial instance comes pre-configured with the following connections, which will also contain the datasets required to complete the workshop content and tutorials from the 3.1 trial release from last year:

  • Google Cloud Storage connection

  • A local HANA database connection

    • This connects to a local containerized SAP HANA database for training purposes only.

    • The licensed edition of SAP Data Intelligence will require a standalone SAP HANA database to be installed separately if required.

How to get started?

To get your hands on the SAP Data Intelligence, trial edition, you need to first have a cloud account with Google Cloud Platform. Afterward, you can deploy the trial edition through SAP Cloud Appliance Library and by following the Getting Started guide. If you’re new to SAP CAL or SAP Data Intelligence trial edition then go to SAP Developer Center for a more in-depth introduction and guide.


TechEd tutorials and video walkthrough

TechEd workshop tutorials for SAP Data Intelligence cover the new features introduced in the Metadata Explorer and the Pipeline Modeler. They are linked below, but you will also find them as a separate tile in the SAP Data Intelligence Trial Edition launchpad.

If you don’t have access to a cloud Hyperscaler account or if you’d like to see a recorded walkthrough of the tutorials you can also check out the videos at SAP HANA Academy.


Note: There might be differences in the tutorials (DAT-163 and SAP Developer Portal) screens because of the different versions of SAP Data Intelligence.

Also, these tutorials can also be completed using a standard Data Intelligence Cloud instance or Data Intelligence 3.1 on-premise edition. You will simply need to first upload the datasets from the GitHub pages linked above. Although, there might be some differences in the screens and operators for different versions of SAP Data Intelligence.

(DI Trail is currently available on the GCP platform only) 



If you have questions, problems, or proposals related to the Data Intelligence Trial Edition please post them as comments to this blog, or to the SAP Community at



Update: As of January 31, 2023, the DI Trial CAL image is no longer available. Please contact your account executive to explore different options available to you.