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  •  Added recommendation to use "latest" update site


A while ago I ran into an issue trying to update my ABAP Development Tools when working with SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment. Since it took me a while to figure out what the root cause was I thought that this deserves to be mentioned in a blog, just in case you encounter the same issue.


The issue was that the ADT client requested an update but was not able to find any update ...

The error message I got was the following:

"A request to the ABAP back-end could not be processed, because your client installation of ABAP Development Tools is out of date”. And it asked me “Do you wish to update the client installation now?”.

This message popped up when I tried to edit a Service Consumption Model in a 1908 ABAP trial system.

So far this message was not unusual and I clicked on the button "Update now" and ABAP in Eclipse began to contact the software sites configured in my Eclipse.

The problem now was that I received the information "No updates found".


Now I was stuck … at least I thought so

I had updated all my components but was still asked to updated my ADT installation ...

The root cause of the problem was that I had used a 2018-12 Eclipse installation for which no up-to-date ADT plug in was available.


The solution

if you don't want to run into any problems you should change the update sites for both Eclipse and ADT such that both always point to the latest version.


If these settings are active you will be notified to update your Eclipse as well as the ADT versions as soon as any update is available.


Technical background

As described in the following blog

the release cycles of the ABAP Development Tools client and the underlying Eclipse have changed.

For both there is a new version available every 3 months. And SAP only supports the last two Eclipse Releases.

That means, that ADT plug-ins cannot be installed on an Eclipse platform which is older than 6 months.

The problem with my outdated 2018-12 installation was thus that no ADT client update was available that was able to handle the Service Consumption Model object since this dialogue had been changed.

Since in the ABAP trial version we will see new supported objects on a regular basis I expect such deadlocks to occur more often because new objects or new functionalities require an update of the ADT client.

But as I wrote there is a solution to avoid such deadlock situations if you go always for the "latest" version.