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It is that time of year again where we are creating content for the next installment of the ever popular, and imaginatively titled, “SAP HANA Roadmap” session for SAP TechEd. It is session TEC105 if you want to add it to your TechEd Schedule and favourites). SAP HANA has been on quite a roll of new capabilities since our last SAP TechEd updates with the release of SAP HANA SPS9 at the end of November 2014 and the recent SAP HANA SPS10 release in June 2015. The last update at SAP TechEd in 2014 can be found at: TEC101 - SAP HANA Road Map and the video at:

Getting down to what we will actually cover in this session;

SAP HANA SPS9 delivered a significant set  of major features like Dynamic Tiering, Smart Data Integration, Smart Data Quality, Multi-Tenant database Containers (MDC), Dynamic Tiering, Smart Data Streaming, etc. that we are continuing to build with SPS10 and through the next few SPS. We will detail the features and capabilities we are adding in all of these areas. We will also be revealing some completely new features that are not yet in the platform (and the suspense mounts!).

Side note/plug if you you need to catch-up on the changes since last years SAP TechEds:

For more info on SPS9, see this blog:

For more info on SPS10, see this blog:

SAP HANA is a very rich platform with lots of capabilities. It is a challenge to cover all the features and still make it easy to consume without feeling like you are drinking from the preverbal fire hose. We have listened to your feedback on this and the roadmap session format is changing to be more focused on you (i.e. your actual day-to-day job) and how you consume and use SAP HANA.

So what do we plan to cover?

For the System administrator, we will outline the planned innovations for system management, HA/DR, MDC, workload management, and support for new chipsets, virtualization products, operating systems and hardware certifications.

For those who develop applications, we plan to cover new enhancements to the developer tooling, languages and detail plans for upcoming new features to support new content/repository management and deployment options. We will also include updates on cloud development delivery too.

Data integration experts will learn of new features for integration cloud and on-premise deployments and continuous innovations to data acquisition and data cleansing. Additionally we plan to detail new features for support of metadata management and enrichment for SAP HANA and within “data lakes”. We will also cover further integrations with Hadoop and other data stores to both reduce the cost of development and to better leverage data in the enterprise “logical data warehouse”.

For the Data Architect, we will provide updates on the modeling tooling, enhancements to enterprise data architecting and further integration on new features and capabilities into the graphical modeler. We will also detail updates on data management and data aging features within SAP HANA. In the areas of advanced data processing we will share our plans for enhancements to graph modeling and processing, further extension of Text analysis and Text mining, extensions to spatial processing, further development of the Series Data features and deeper integration of machine learning algorithms with core SAP HANA capabilities.

Finally some love for the Security Administrators, we will share the plans to enhance user and role management, enhance audit and compliance, extensions to configuration, encryption and key management.

Wow yes, it is a lot! We also plan on having the SAP HANA Roadmap Q&A session on the show floor area this year. This is more interactive than the 1 hour lecture session and everyone is welcome to come and ask questions. The session number is TEC800 “Road Map Q&A: SAP HANA”

Finally, and really this time (!), we know that this session is very popular and to get the most benefit from it, it is strongly recommended to have an intermediate or expert working knowledge of SAP HANA prior to attending the sessions.

See you there.  Safe travels :smile:

Lori    Joerg    Mike

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